🚀 Join the waitlist: Typeform’s new features are almost here! 🚀

  • 30 May 2024
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🚀 Join the waitlist: Typeform’s new features are almost here! 🚀
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Hey Community 👋

Typeform is working on a new bag of tricks designed to supercharge your business growth – and you can be among the first to experience it by joining our waitlist!





Our upcoming release will be packed with innovative features to help you capture, qualify, and convert more leads with ease. Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect:


🎥 Video forms – Record, edit, and embed videos into your forms to capture attention and drive engagement

📈 Data enrichment – Automatically enrich response data to boost conversions effortlessly with fewer questions.

🛡️ Spam prevention – Protect against spam submissions with reCAPTCHA integration on your forms and surveys.


🔄 Streamlined workflows – Automate scoring, routing, and emailing leads. Integrate with your preferred tech stack to optimize your efficiency.

🧠 Smart Insights & Ask AI – Leverage AI to ask questions, get answers, and visualize data effortlessly


Join the waitlist today!

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Note: this is an update to a post originally posted on the Typeform Community on May 30th 2024, when we were looking for beta testers. The beta application window has now closed, thanks to all who applied for the program.



4 replies

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Ooh exciting stuff! @Darnell this is what I was talking about yesterday! 👀

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@Grace yes, indeed; imagine that, ha!

@James these sound like some excellent features; looking forward to trying them out should I be accepted into the program!

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Hi everyone, @James @Grace @john.desborough 

I've been thinking a lot about Typeform's success and I have something to share. There are at least two paths to further enhance its current success:

  1. Continue creating applications and APIs. This improves the product but makes it somewhat complex and distances users who have limited technical skills.
  2. Create ready-to-use content, a "grab-and-go" product that is semi-digested. This would include, for example, the selection report I presented in the past. This application also aligns with this idea (link The goal is to create pre-designed forms with specific uses in areas such as HR evaluations, sales, customer service forms, and data collection for internal processes within the organization.

I believe we can grow on both fronts: by enhancing Typeform's integrations and complexity, and by developing content that requires minimal customization for end users.

If this idea is welcomed, I would love to be part of that project

Greetings to all!


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Hey @olas thank you as always for sharing your feedback we really appreciate it!

And the good news is we’re working on updating the Template Gallery on the Typeform website so we have more typeforms that people can easily customize and use coming your way very soon - we’ll keep everyone posted in the Community and share the page once it’s live. 


Tagging @PolBorrellas thought you might be interested to read @olas’ comment ⬆ 😊