Adding multiple items to a sales order form

  • 22 April 2022
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Hey Typos’

I am attempting to create an order for that would allow someone to choose an item, a quantity of that item and then either complete their order OR add on another item with various quantities .

I’m having trouble figuring out how to add that second item to the order once they have worked through the natural logic flow on the first item. For example, in Typeform’s example of a pizza order, how would you create a flow in which someone could lock in their entire pizza order, size an all - then add another pizza with its own attributes without having to submit and restart the form ( I would like to spare my customer the undue process of entering their personal and payment information all over again ).

Currently my form gets through the order and prompts “ Would you like to add another item… “ Y/N .

If No, it ends.

If Yes, it links back to the original item selection form. Unfortunately I believe this is changing their initial answer not adding a new one ?

Thank you for any ideas !


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@Mountain Rye - I went through the same thing to create my first ‘typeform store’ to sell my coffee tshirts

i ended up creating a subsequent set of questions to order up to three, in my case, shirts by having the yes/no question route the user to the ‘order the second shirt’ question or jump to the summary page before payment.. here’s that example 


best thing - 18 months after creating that first site - is to create a question group for the questions for the first product .. then duplicate the question group the number of times you want to have the user make orders. say 10 .. 

then on the last question of each group needs to be the ‘want to order another product’ and if yes, jump to the next question group and if no, go to the question after the order forms ie a summary page. 


on the last of the question groups, if they go that long, you tell them ‘that’s it.. no more.. if you want to order more, you will have to do another one.. “ and then go to the summary

does that make sense?? 



It does !


Thank you, des…


I haven’t see the Question Group funtion ( first typeform ), i’ll dig around for that…

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Hi @Mountain Rye Happy Friday! Were you able to get the form built? We’d love to see!