Calculation results?

I am looking to create a quiz where people answer questions about how much time they spend each week on various tasks.  I want the quiz to total up the responses so they see the results immediately, is that possible?  

So if they answer, question 1: 4 hours, question 2 6 hours total 10 hours would be visible at the end of the quiz.

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yes  I am interstate

I don’t understand your answer


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Hi @interimslc Happy Monday! If you haven’t already, I’d suggest taking a look at our article here on scores and calculations to get you started. 

In the meantime, @john.desborough @the conservative tend to be our quiz masters and may be able to help you answer this!

@Shubabrata Do you have an additional question? I’m not quite sure I understand your comment. 

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lol.. create a variable called total_time and use logic rules to add the answers to the variable. ie 

  • always add q1 answer to total_time
  • or if a multiple choice
    • if q1 = a add 4 to total_time
    • if q1 = b add 2 to total_time

then use @recall to display the the total_time variable