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  • 18 February 2021
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Is there a way to add more tags to the opinion scale questions than just the 2 extremes and the middle?


I need to use a 9-point hedonic scale which has the captions:

Like Extremely

Like Very Much 

Like Moderately 

Like Slightly 

Neither Like nor Dislike 

Dislike Slightly 

Dislike Moderately 

Dislike Very Much 

Dislike Extremely  





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3 replies

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Hi @bucksgill. I hope your day is going well. =)


While we don’t have the option to add more tags to the opinion scale question, we can note this suggestion for you! For now, you can add the ones you've mentioned, but I see how it would be useful if we had more options. 


Please keep your feedback coming! We're all ears. 

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Thanks Mariana, that’d be great for my use where the captions are more important than a number.

Think I may just use a multiple choice with the 9 options for now.

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Hey @bucksgill. Yes, I hear you! This would be a great feature to be released in the future. 💪🏻


Also, thanks for marking the best answer :-) This will make other users' life a lot easier when checking this thread, which is a huge help!


Have a wonderful rest of the week, Bucksgill!