Logic Jump With Short Answer

  • 23 July 2021
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I have a logic jump quandary which probably has a simple solution that I am drawing a blank on. I will use the attached image to give some context. What I would like to have happen is…

#12 (multiple choice) leads to either #13, #14, #15 or #16 depending on the users answer.

#’s 13-16 are short answer and allow the user to enter a unique answer.

I would like to have the user go from #13, 14, 15 or 16 directly to #17. However, if the user is sent from #12 to #13, after answering they would have to trickle through 14,15,16 before landing on 17. 

How can I resolve this and make it so #12 leads to 13, 14, 15 or 16, and when the user completes the one they were sent to it would leap directly to 17. 

I have a hunch that it has to do with the short answer criteria asking “contains” ends with” begins with” etc… Thanks for the help!



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Hi @OneHope Thanks for stopping by and including the screenshot - really handy! I think you could add the following logic to #13 if you know they are always going to jump to a specific question. (Don’t mind my bogus question/answer.) 

To do this, you would need to setup the logics under the “Advanced” logics. 

Would this work? It looks like you have the jump for 12 good to go!


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@OneHope - if you are having them jump from 13,14,15  or 16 directly to 17 without going anywhere else, you could use the always jump to q17 logic on qs 13,14,15,16 … 

that would take the user there and not have anything else in the way - the existence of the ‘second path’ out of those questions IS due to the fact that your condition may not be TRUE and so there needs to be a way out.. 

hope that helps a little 


(ps.. @Liz posted while i was writing this.. lol)