REDIRECT TO OTHER FORMS The first TypeForm DONT passes Hidden Fields to the second

  • 8 January 2023
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I have created 4 different quiz forms each having only 1 question with 2 or 3 answers .

I send the participants the link of the first form and then they choose an answer and  press submit , after that they redirect to the second form then to the third etc, 

The link i send to the first team is like #sourceteamone  to the other team #sourceteamtwo and so on..

I have enabled and tested in various ways ( source - name -email  ) the hidden fields. 

With the first form everything looks fine. I can collect ( to slack app ) the answers from the teams and I can see which team has the answer when they press submit.and that is correct.

After this step they redirect to the next form ,the problem is that when they press submit I can see wrong information .

ex. an attendee from teamone press submit but what i see in slack is that have anwer the teamtwo 

and this happens vice versa .


2 replies

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@HCS - take some screenshots of your logic rules and redirect statements (or a loom video) and that will help us trouble shoot. 



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Were you able to solve the issue, @HCS ? If not, please send over some screenshots so we can help. 😀