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  • 16 October 2021
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We need to ask for an ID number in our form. Is there a way for the question to verify that the format is correct? Something like with the email type of question, but for other data (like the ID in this case).



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Hi @FermínZ Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday! If you don’t have a lot of IDs, you could use logic jumps to check for certain ones. Otherwise, you could have the logic jump search for different characters using the ‘contains’ option like this: 

Would something like this work for you? 

Hi, Liz. 

Thank you for your response :)

So, if the ID format has to have 8 numbers and one letter, examples: 

  • 00000000A
  • 00000000-A
  • A00000000
  • A-00000000

How can I ask for that in the field “value here”? 

Thank you again!



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Ohh, I see. I’m not sure if it’s possible to ask for a specific value ( @john.desborough may know), but you could have it look for the letters by using the ‘contains.’ In this case, you would enter the letter it should include where it says, “value here.”

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@FermínZ @Liz - you can match to a specific value ie 00000000-A but it is NOT going to act as a validation mask ie the user can enter any code that is ‘nnnnnnnn-A’ where n = a number and A is a capital letter. 

for example it would find: contains  ‘’ in an email address field like 


I understand - thank you so much for your help!!

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Thanks, @john.desborough !!