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hi it”s possible to translate title for question when i add the custom langage in the form ? 

for example if have in the form 


    "custom_language": {
"custom_language_id": "3f5fd676-52f2-4c9c-824f",
"organization_id": "8028ac8",
"id": "3f5fd676-52f2-4c9c-8cf27224f",
"name": "deutch",
"base_language": "de-DE",
"values": {}


can i use this custom_langage_id in the question to have list of translation ? 




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Hi @driaux and welcome to the community 😁

You can only have one language set per videoask, can you give me a little bit more detail on what you’re wanting to set up and I’ll see if it could be possible 🤞

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Hey @driaux hope you’re doing well 😊

Just wondering if you’re referring to the step title of each question within a videoask? 



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Hello @driaux! How are you doing today?

I was wondering if you had time to check what Grace has replied to you. I'd be great to have more details on what you're trying to build with VideoAsk so we can help you out! 😉

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Hope you have a great weekend!