Webhook payload contains empty strings for field Ids.

For some reason I am getting empty strings for fields ids in the field definitions and answers of a webhook payload. What are the conditions that would cause this to happen or is this a bug?


"id": "",
"title": "Zip code",
"type": "number",
"ref": "a4a03fba-3e02-4cab-b67d-ef225c392e25",
"properties": {}


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Hi @jakeprenda ,

I’m a fellow community member (who isn’t able to help on this one) and am tagging a few others who might be able to help you.

@Gabriel @Liz @Mariana are my go-to Typeform gurus - can you assist? 😊

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Hi @jakeprenda :grinning: Does this happen to be a test webhook? Or one from a response on the form?