My terms have been changed with no notice !

  • 19 November 2021
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I have had my account for a long time and have always had 100 free responses a month - this was how it was set up.  I have just gone in to find that this has been reduced to 10 with no notice, no communication. I dont think it is fair to take away a benefit that I set up with - I have colleagues that have not had this happen to them - can someone get back to me asap with some answers please



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Hi @JayneB Thanks for stopping by the community and apologies for any confusion on your free plan. 

We began the process of migrating all Free users to our new Free plan at the beginning of this month. 

We created several posts about this prior to this migration, including the one below: 

And also sent emails to customers on the Free plan. I included the text below: 


Hello, From November 8, your Free plan is going to change.

What’s changing?

You’re getting access to way more features including unlimited typeforms, question branching, multiple endings, and more. However, your monthly response limit is going from 100 to 10.

See what’s different between the old Free plan and the new one here. Or get a full guide to the new plan here.

What if I’m already over the response limit?

Your response counter will reset. So if you've already collected more than 10 responses you don't need to worry. Also, any responses you've collected will be safe and sound.

How do I get more responses?

Sounds like you might need a paid plan. For the inconvenience, you’ll get a 35% discount off any plan, including yearly subscriptions. This offer expires on November 25.

*Use your discount here.*


If you didn’t receive this email, this might be because you have opted out of receiving email communication from us or the emails have been sent to spam. 

Hopefully this helps clarify, but please let me know if you have any other questions. 

That’s totally mercenary - how is that even right ? 
there are no benefits. 
not only are you reducing the responses by a huge amount. But you can’t see drop off rates any more either - 

what are the benefits of this other than you making more money out of people ! 

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Hi @JayneB We’ve actually added more features to our new Free plan making this migration. I’ve included the table below that’s in the above article for reference: 

New Free Plan

Old Free Plan

Unlimited typeforms

3 typeforms

10 questions per typeform (which includes Endings)

10 questions per typeform

10 responses per month

100 responses per month



Reports and basic metrics

(drop-off insights available in the Business plan)

Reports and metrics (including Drop-off rates)

Zapier,, GSheets, Slack, Mailchimp, Airtable, Hubspot, Pipedrive

(Google Analytics available in the Business plan)

Google Analytics

Embed your typeform in a web page

Embed your typeform in a web page

Download your data

Download your data

Unlimited use of Logic 

Limited question branching / Logic Jumps

Multiple Endings

Limited thank you screens

Self notification when someone completes your typeform

Self notification when someone completes your typeform



Hidden Fields



While there may be less responses per month, you’re able to utilize more of the features that weren’t previously included in the Free plan. 

If you have any further questions, please let us know. 

please can you send me the discount code to upgrade with 35%

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please can you send me the discount code to upgrade with 35%

go to this post on the community: 



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Hi @JayneB the community is a public channel so we don't share discount codes in here - specially if they apply to yourself, otherwise anyone could redeeem them. 

As John pointed out there's a Back Friday promo running at the moment that you can benefit from. Alternatively if you're in talks with our Support team already I recommend you continue the conversation with them in that channel. 

We can't issue / apply discounts in here. 

PS: my understanding is that everyone received the email about the plan changes - regarded of their email preferences. If you didn't receive it I can flag this internally and we'll investigate.