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  • 22 November 2021
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I am currently looking to build a a survey for my Board of Directors, but there is a catch.  My task is to build the survey, but I shouldn’t see the results.  Ideally, someone on the board will pull the results once it is completed.

My question is:  Is there a way that I can build the survey, and make it only viewable to another user? 


I am user 1. I am building the survey for user two.  User two will be the only one who can log into Typeform to view the results.  Does this work by moving the survey I create to User 2’s personal workstation?

Mind you, I am the product owner of Typeform Surveys.


Any help with this is greatly appreciated!


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Hi @Connor Welcome to the Typeform Community from a fellow user!

I’m afraid it can’t be done if you’re the owner, because even if you move the survey to User 2’s personal workspace you still can access all workspaces being the owner. I think the other way around could work fine, User 2 being the owner and allowing you to access other surveys but this specific one.

Maybe @Liz knows a workaround for this using organization roles?

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@Connor @Paulo is right - even if you create the form and move it into a workspace, you’ll still be able to view it since you created it. One option would possibly be to create it in their account, but then you’d have to log in as them to have it essentially created under their account (which we don’t recommend sharing logins). 

If I can think of a better workaround, I’ll let you know!