Feature Request: Cookiebot CMP Integraiton with Typeform via Google Tag Manager

  • 24 June 2024
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Typeform’s current cookie consent solution is very limited and self-contained. In this post, I’ll first talk about the issues with Typeform’s current cookie consent solution, and then provide some suggestions that can help, like integrations with other cookie consent solutions like Cookiebot.

Current Problems 

First, let’s say someone visits your website, and you already use a cookie consent solution like Cookiebot. When they first visit, they’re presented with a cookie banner and they accept all cookies. After exploring your site, they arrive at a page with an embedded Typeform quiz (which has it’s own cookie consent functionality set to ‘on’) and decide to take it. In this scenario, they’re asked for cookie consent again through the Typeform embed. That just doesn’t make for a clean user experience since the differing cookie consent software (the one used on the website vs. Typeform’s built-in one) don’t talk to each other or recognize cookies have already been accepted or denied.

Typeform’s current cookie consent solution is also not that smart. I’d love the ability to display a cookie banner if a visitor is from the EU, but not display a cookie banner if they are visiting my website from the US. With Cookiebot installed on a website, you can do this very easily! But with Typeform’s built in solution, you have to show the cookie consent box to everyone, no matter where they’re visiting from.


I would love to see some integrations with other cookie consent platforms like Cookiebot. Here’s how I can envision it working:

  • Cookiebot is set up for a website via their CMP tag within Google Tag Manager
  • Google Tag Manager integration with Typeform (already exists, yay!)
  • Fix the integration so that the Cookiebot CMP tag in GTM works properly with Typeform. Currently, Typeform doesn’t play well with the Cookiebot CMP tag in GTM because it doesn’t allow it to update cookie consent like it’s supposed to. Therefore, none of my GTM tags (Hubspot, Facebook pixel, etc.) will fire correctly (See screenshots for an example of this. On my webpage, there are a lot of extra GTM events that fire because of the Cookiebot CMP tag that don’t fire on my Typeform Quiz, including the pivotal ‘cookie_consent_update’ tag, which is what all of my marketing tags, like FB pixel and Google Analytics, are tied to).

This kind of integration would give marketers like myself so much more flexibility when managing cookie consent, especially when thinking about how users interact with/engage with our content. For example, if someone already consents to cookies on an initial site visit, they don’t have to be asked again when taking a typeform quiz because Cookiebot already sees they consented to cookies. Additionally, I have more control over who even gets shown a cookie banner based on the users location.


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Hi @v100sfm Happy Monday! Thanks so much for sharing this and also sharing your use case. I really appreciate the level of detail, too. This will be helpful for our product team! I’ve passed this over to them. 😀