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Help us build the future of qualitative insights (and get 💵)

  • 18 June 2024
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Help us build the future of qualitative insights (and get 💵)
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Sun Park here from the Product team at Typeform. Hope all's well 😀


I'm very excited to be working with the team on new qualitative insights capabilities within Typeform. We'd love to make it easier for you to extract richer learnings from the open-ended questions that you ask in your forms and surveys.


And this is where I need YOUR help…I'd love to understand a bit more about what your dream insights feature would look like: 


  • What kind of information would you need to analyze?
  • What's your current approach to analyzing qualitative data?
  • What would make it easier for you? 
  • What do you use the analysis for?

How you can help…


Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below. Or, please consider taking our 10-minute survey. The first 20 responses will receive a $15 gift certificate that can be used at hundreds of different retailers. Please note that there are 2 quick questions at the beginning to determine whether you are eligible to take the survey. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to or 

Look forward to hearing from you! Big thank you from myself, @leigh.smith  and @Almudena here at at Typeform, your insights can help directly influence how we shape the product 🙏🙏

5 replies

HI @Sun.Park This is exciting! I just completed the form! Overall, my sentiment was that I’m excited about this feature with Typeform. Adding some additional open-ended responses here:


  • What kind of information would you need to analyze?
  • I typically analyze both quantitative and qualitative data
  • What's your current approach to analyzing qualitative data?
  • Currently my approach has been creating a few categories of responses with multiple choice questions. Sort of, “select which statement or topic best describes you” From there, I ask for more detail or clarification of why they selected the answer. Using the select which statement best describes you allows me to easily categorize responses in my feedback. I’m attaching a survey here, where I asked respondents their biggest challenge—the initial multiple choice question made it very easy for me to scan data. I asked a follow ups question about their challenges and got specifics.
  • What would make it easier for you? 
  • When I need to analyze a lot of data, I often use word-cloud software. This has benefits/drawbacks, as sometimes they highlight common words that are not important. I typically always do mixed-methods research, so I would love to see Typeform integrate with a tool like Dedoose, which is used for that purpose.
  • What do you use the analysis for?
    Mostly market research for product development. Second to that, online course feedback or quizzes, and thirdly as a general contact or feedback form.
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Thanks for caring. Love it. 



I LOVE Typeform. AND i Just completed the survey above. Now for request to add on !


I have a pet peeve.


I wish you would merge your new product [AI] into both of the other two WITHOUT COST increases ! Is that even possible?


If not possible then I have a request and workaround. Please enable one to BYOK: bring one's own key for ChatGPT 4o [many apps do this] so I can use typeform with AI but paying OpenAI credits  [for both Videoask and Typeform]


ADVANCED PLEASE: allow me to allow the prospective user of my forms to plug in their own BYOK api key . Why and use case?


1. I can train the AI using my credits


2. I can make a interactive typeform for my students, but if they want to interact they use their own credits.


I love using typeform for Learning and development and it would be great if  MY typeform form could interact with them - but THEY pay for their credits .


The above is perform for students that love my typeform for learning, interactivity and/but they do Not use up my credits  - they can use their own credits.


Please discuss this.


Thank you so much!



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Thanks for sharing this @Sun.Park , excited to hear what people would like from these features and what you and the team conjure up moving forward 🪄   

Tagging @mcoignet @mjstrain and @Joe for visibility as I noticed you folks were asking about survey analysis before. This could be a good chance to share your views with the Typeform product team (and maybe earn some cash if you fill out the survey :P)

Also tagging @Ali Grimaldi since you’re a survey maestro – maybe you’d like to contribute? Hope you’re doing well btw – it’s been a while 🙂

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Thank you so much @makelearning for sharing your process, really interesting way of creating a multiple choice option so you can have some themes to make categorization easier. I’ll look at Dedoose as well. 

@Brainman - thanks for sharing your feedback on bringing your own API key. This isn’t on our roadmap right now but something to consider going forward. Appreciate you taking the time to share your use case with us. 

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@Sun.Park - I’ve been playing with a couple of add-ins for Google Sheets (gemini) and Excel (chatgpt) to do some analysis of the open-ended responses and to tag the results into triggered automations in one of the two ESPs i use. 

like @makelearning i have also used other questions in segmenting and for followup queries/quizzes that supplement the info collected in the primary survey (the more you ASK, the more you know) and then have the AI bits re-run 

in the process of establishing some attempts to get gemini/chatgpt to make/suggest ‘next best step’ recommendations from a given set of options based on analysis of responses, other question/responses and a set of probability statements both of them have been given to establish personae/paths i want to take. (about 40 hours of ‘research/dev’ to create the probability bot/dataset) 

also working to use similar bits to analyze more ‘structed’ responses to some data quality assessments where i have the AI bits looking at response trends and maturity by industry and then triggering follow ups to more open-ended question quizzes. these are then being pulled into the same analysis frameworks style as above.