terrible pricing changes. alternatives?

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They are offering much less but charging much more in every single plan. It really doesn’t matter if you are an old or new customer, cause in the end you will need to change or update something and that will make you change to a new plan. So, the question is simple. Can someone recomend me better alternatives?

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Hi @agp thanks for stopping by the community. Would you mind providing a bit more specifics as to what you don’t like with our plans? Are there certain features you’d like in one of the pricing tiers that isn’t? This will make it easier for our product and pricing team to understand your feedback. Thanks!

Hi @agp thanks for stopping by the community. Would you mind providing a bit more specifics as to what you don’t like with our plans? Are there certain features you’d like in one of the pricing tiers that isn’t? This will make it easier for our product and pricing team to understand your feedback. Thanks!

Look to your comparison table and if you can't find the glitch, you certainly have not understood your customers. 

To give you a hint. I am convinced you could included almost every features in every plan except the “remove branding”, but a paid plan with 100 responses per month is just ridiculous. People like me will not complain, they will just use something else.

I am not using it extensively, but I do have forms which would require more than 100 submissions a month, which requires a PLUS plan now. For such cases I register for a paid plan for a month or two, but I am not willing to pay 55$ for that. Your competition is 3 times less expensive!

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Totally agree with @Joda. The same happens with the Plus plan. 55$ for 1k responses? The previous plan (professional) was cheaper and it had 5k responses!!! It’s completely ridiculous. I was totally convinced to pay anually for the professional plan that included 5k responses and had all those marketing integrations. Now I am stucked with you for a few months cause I already designed several surveys in your platform before upgrading and publishing them. The suprise for me was when i tried to upgrade and i found this terrible prices with all this job already done in my surveys. 

So, don’t ask me what specific features @Liz, come on, eveything is worst and more expensive! 

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I think it’s clear now - it helps when you elaborate a bit further because often times what we do is take this feedback and share it internally - so the clearer for me the better! 

You are both right in saying that the new pricing focuses mainly on number of responses, as opposed to just features. Our teams did quite a bit of research around this and they found that the number of responses collected correlated best to the value customers reported getting from typeform - more so than any specific feature. So, we made the decision to reconfigure our plans with responses being the main value metric.

Now, something to bear in mind is that you don’t need to upgrade to get more responses, you can stay in your plan and expand your responses. For instance, a basic plan with 500 responses would be around €37. 

Also, and there’s empirical data about this. We ran a study that showed that the vast majority of people didn’t use the full number of responses we were allowing for.

Regarding the Plus plan, which has has been discussed in this thread. The following features are both now available in the Plus plan which weren't before. 

  • Displaying your own brand more prominently becomes more affordable. E.g. “Typeform branding removal” is available for $59/mo (instead of $70). Savings of $11/£6/15€ per month.
  • Collaboration for small teams becomes significantly more affordable. E.g. Teams of 3 can now collaborate for $59/mo (instead of $100) and teams of 5 for $99/mo (instead of $130). Savings of $41/£30/45€ for 3 seats and of $31/£24/41€for 5 seat

The trade off is indeed that there are less responses.

I’m not trying to ‘sell’ the new pricing and I understand it’ll not suit everybody. Just trying to offer more context and information. 

Also, I really want to thank you for your feedback and I promise I’m sharing this internally discussing all this with the relevant teams at Typeform. :grinning:


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Thanks for the explanation @Liz

Still, I really don’t understand how can you charge that much for response. In your example, you are charging 0,074€ for response, that’s crazy. I think you will notice that dramatically in your customer acquisition from now on. 

Honestly, this pricing is beyond unbelievable. I signed up a couple of years ago because I thought I would use this service. I built a few forms, but didn’t end up getting started because I felt that the price outside of the ‘free’ level of service was just silly. Jump forward to now, and my god, you want £800/year for the business service level. 

Clearly someone doesn’t care about pleasing customers. Not everyone is a fortune 500 company with cash to set on fire, which is what this is considering that most small businesses will only use a few features across the board to meet their needs. 

For now, I won’t be signing up, but presumably if I ever look again in the future, you will want my house too.

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Hi @Akin Thanks for stopping by the community. It’s natural for our pricing and plans to change over the years, especially as we add more features to our forms and product. For example, some of our new plans automatically allow you to have multiple seats on the account. This previously wasn’t a feature unless you were on our highest paying plan. 

Can you provide more specific information on what you don’t like about the plans besides the pricing? Are there certain features that are missing that you’d like to see? It’ll be much easier to send this feedback to our pricing team if you can provide specific details as to what’s not working for you. 

These guys have the nicest UI but the pricing structure and customer service really sucks. They let you create whatever design and when you’re about to publish, keep making you upgrade. I upgraded 2x to paid to get their stupid branding off and they still sneak it into the URL unless you pay a ungodly amount over $800 enterprise feature. 

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Hi @Jieun thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback. You don’t need an enterprise account to remove the branding. You can do this under our Plus plan

Which plan are you currently on? What features would you like to see on that plan? 

The too expensive plan lol I went from free to seeing that the amount of people I can get response from was limiting, I ended up doing basic. Then realized that typeform branding wouldn’t come off so ended up going to Plus . Then realized,  can’t put my branding agency custom domain address and have to use typeform URL and now they’re saying to upgrade to enterprise. It’s wayyyy expensive to begin with for what it is and I don’t want to keep upgrading as a small business. $600 and still can’t get all my custom branding for form designer?

It’s good to know how Typeform evolves. We quit right away. Our issues are being described in this post. 

We switched to Tripetto. Works better, and no BS with numbers of responses.

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Thanks for stopping by, @Hopen ! I took at look at Tripetto, but this looks to be a Wordpress builder. Do they have a form feature in the builder? 

Yes Liz. A fully functional form builder (conditional, with multiple end points). For a fixed price of 100 USD a year. The form took us 5 hours to build.

It works way better, without the hassle of being locked in and getting upselled all the time.


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Thanks for the feedback, @Hopen !

29usd/month for 100 responses is totally nonsense pricing, especially for users in Brazil;

One thing is an expensive service because it requires a lot of resources (hosting, images, artificial intelligence, payment methods) another thing is to charge for "responses" and use the argument that every response is something of great personal value and justifies the price, for all users. Not everyone is a fortune 500 company or makes sales, they just need more "simple" answers.

If Google improves the animations and fluidity of their forms you will be in trouble very quickly.

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Hi @Sander Thanks for sharing this - I’ll pass along the feedback. 😁

Wow 10 responses? Ya should call this a trial version because it is not practical and you’re just finishing your way into someone’s pockets. I rather use Jotform then this.

I found this cool alternative formclick.com I have been happy so far.

I don't know if I can post this here. Please remove it if it's not, but this for some reason makes more sense.