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Under the Hood - A closer look at our upcoming integration with Cord 🔎 🧑‍🔧

  • 18 November 2021
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Under the Hood -  A closer look at our upcoming integration with Cord 🔎 🧑‍🔧
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Hello, wonderful community folks! These days it's less easy – or indeed impossible – to tap a team mate on the shoulder and ask them what you think of a question in your typeform. So we're introducing collaboration features within Typeform through Cord so you can work on forms together – in much the same way as you would a Google Doc.

Directly inside your Typeform builder, you can now take notes, leave comments, ask for feedback, share files, and much more with all of the members in your workspace. If you want to connect this to your other applications, like Slack or Asana, there’s an option for that, too! Our product team is testing this integration in our Enterprise plans, and hopefully we’ll get to roll it out to many of you soon.

The new collaboration tools within Typeform, powered by Cord, allow you to:

  • Add comments

  • @mention other teammates – they’ll get notified in Slack! 

  • Leave annotations on visuals or text 

  • Assign tasks to teammates and sync those with Asana or Jira 

Check out the video below for an in-depth look at what Cord is all about, thanks to Oriol in our product team. 


To recap, here’s how you can use some of these handy features: 


Add Comments + Annotations


No more needing to take comments offline through unnecessary meetings, a plethora of Slack messages, endless Jira comments or other wonky workflows. With Cord, you can add comments directly within Typeform and even specifically point to certain parts of the form you want to reference. 



You can even take these comments a step further by annotating on the form to get that much more specific about what you’re referencing. 


@Mention Other Teammates


Alert other members in your workspace about questions or comments within your form by directly mentioning them in the comments. They’ll even get a notification in Slack, too, so you don’t have to send as many emails back and forth. 




Assign tasks

While you’re editing the form, you can create tasks directly in the Cord integration that can be viewed in the integration itself or synced with your favorite task management system like Asana or Jira. 

If you want to take these tasks up a notch, you can even attach files in the comments or the task itself. Keep the tasks only to yourself or assign it to others in your workspace to address later. 



There you have it! This just scratches the surface of the power of Cord, but if you want to get your hands on this integration early, let us know by filling out the form here so we can add it to your account. 


Already using Cord? Let us know your thoughts and how it’s helping you and your team collaborate!


4 replies

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@Liz - this is also a great way to leave yourself a note/reminder IN THE TYPEFORM of things you need to do… I am finding this handy to remind the seven other voices in my head of tasks and ideas. 


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Brilliant job. Congrats @liz and Oriol for a great walkthrough. 

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Oh! That’s a good idea, @john.desborough . Thank you! I need to leave some reminders for myself ha!

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That's amazing, I'm sure it'll be very helpful. Can't wait to start using it! Thanks for that demo @Liz and Oriol! :blue_heart: