Email notifications not send

  • 18 October 2021
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Hi, we have set up 4 email accounts to get notifications for new Typeforms, but the results are only sent to 3 of those accounts. 

Do you have a suggestion how to fix this?

Thanks! Jeroen




Best answer by Liz 4 November 2021, 12:38

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7 replies

First check email authentication is enabled here Administration  Users   Authentication  Manage authentication then check  Administration ►Server  Email, Then do a test yourself. It is very common for typeform and yahoo to block mails.


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@jeroentje86 Were you able to get your notifications working? 

@Liz @nihal Thanks for the suggestion. But actually I can’t find the mentioned menu structure in Typeform. So I’m really stupid or the suggested menu items are from  is in another app (Yahoo?)…

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Hi @jeroentje86 I believe @nihal is referencing Yahoo’s platform, but in the meantime, can you also be sure that you’ve published any changes to your form? Sometimes this is an easy fix for notifications not working. :grinning:

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Hey @jeroentje86! Were you able to fix this issue? Let us know what was the outcome of it! :wink:

Hi @Liz and @Gabi Amaral I was not able ti fix the issue yet unfortenately. We didn’t perform any changes to our forms recently. We just added one mailaccount for the notifications, but no notifications are sent to this mail account

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Hi @jeroentje86 Did you publish the changes to your form? If you did and that still hasn’t solved the issue, our support team can look in the backend to see if the email is being blocked. You can contact the support team from your account email here to take a closer look into this.