▶️ Rewatch the webinar: The Future of AI-Driven Marketing 💻

  • 8 June 2023
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▶️ Rewatch the webinar: The Future of AI-Driven Marketing 💻
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Hello, typeformers!


We’re currently in our ✨ webinars era ✨ (shout out to all my Swifties), and we’ve loved hanging out with you on webinars! In case you missed it, Oji Udezue, Chief Product Officer of Typeform and Nicholas Holland, Vice President of Product at Hubspot, prepared a fantastic webinar to help you learn more about AI’s influence in marketing. 


The discussion will covered: 

  • AI’s impact on our understanding of customer behavior and decision-making
  • Upcoming innovations in AI and how to make them part of your marketing strategy
  • Exciting opportunities for companies that successfully adopt and integrate AI
  • AI’s potential to reshape the relationship between brands and their customers


In case you missed it, you can opt into the recording here


Thank you all for the wonderful questions, too! I’ve added the answers to your burning AI questions shared in the webinar below. 


I’ve used the AI to shorten my questions in Typeform but how can this same feature work with answers?


Currently in the Typeform product we’re only offering suggestions to improve existing questions. 


In terms of getting the very BEST results; What is the right vs the wrong way to use AI for your marketing projects?


A good way to think about it is garbage in garbage out — if you feed your AI poor quality data or vague instructions, you’re likely to get subpar results.

The right way to use AI is to ensure you provide it with high-quality, relevant data and clear, precise instructions or prompts. It’s not just about using AI, it’s about using it intelligently and strategically.

PS: Check out Zapier’s blog on how to write an effective ChatGPT Prompt.


What are the best tools to start with if you have never used AI tools before?


Nicholas mentioned in the webinar a ‘diet’ for folks getting into AI tools:


  1. First start with some YouTube videos on how to get started with and use ChatGPT. (We’re a fan of this guide)
  2. Then, once setup - start using ChatGPT to become familiar with how it responds to prompts. HubSpot has put together a great resource on ChatGPT prompts for marketers.
  3. From there - branch out into tools that layer on top of the ChatGPT technology. Jasper would be a good logical jump for marketers as it contains a pre-made library of prompts for marketers, marketing specific templates, and features that adopt your brand voice within the content it generates.


If everyone is using the same AI generators, won’t everything look the same eventually?


Most likely not. While AI copy generators produce similar outputs when everyone uses the same model, there are ways to customize and influence the results. By adjusting parameters, prompts, or inputs, people can create different styles or outcomes.


In parallel, search engines will continue to evolve, employing increasingly sophisticated algorithms to improve their capabilities. Their goal is to effectively filter out low-quality, irrelevant, or spammy content, ensuring that users receive the most relevant and reliable information.

Remember: AI technology is constantly improving — aiming to generate more diverse and personalized outputs. So, even with the same AI generators, it’s unlikely that everything would look exactly the same.


When you talk about the future, do you have a date in mind where you’ll launch these product updates/features?


About 40% of Typeform’s platform roadmap right now is AI infused. We’ve recently launched AI that exists in the Typeform builder to help users write better questions — more is on the way later this year and next.

HubSpot has several AI products available now: ChatSpot, Content Assistant (in beta), and Campaign Assistant


Can you please list all the specific ways we can use Typeform and Hubspot efficiently and effectively?  


Checkout the Typeform HubSpot integration on the HubSpot marketplace to see integration use cases. One of the most popular use cases is lead generation and we’ve put together a guide on how to improve lead generation with Typeform and HubSpot.


What are the new categories you see emerging in the martech/analytics space?


AI-infused platforms: More marketing and analytics platforms are incorporating AI technologies to improve efficiency and outcomes.

Conversational interfaces: AI-powered chatbots and other conversational interfaces are becoming more common for customer engagement and competitive research.

Personalized customer interaction tools: These are tools that allow for personalization of customer interactions, potentially on a 1:1 basis, and are becoming increasingly important.

Content assistance tools: These tools help in creating content such as emails, web pages, blogs, all with the goal of easing the content creation process.


How can we confirm - when using AI for copyright that it’s not copying from someone else's copy?


Generative AI models generate output based on patterns and information they’ve “learned”, for example, a model like ChatGPT does not “copy” directly from specific sources.

AI outputs should ideally be used as a starting point or guide rather than the final copy. It should be reviewed and modified by humans to ensure originality, relevance, and adherence to brand guidelines and legal norms. To ensure originality in the content generated by AI, it’s recommended to use plagiarism detection tools that can cross-verify the output against a vast range of online content. 


If everyone is able to create great and fast content, then barriers to entry will be low. How will search engines be impacted?


As AI democratizes content creation, this could lead to a wealth of diverse and quality content online. This in turn could enhance search engines’ ability to provide better, more personalized results (like Google’s Bard), richer user experiences, and promote a more vibrant, digital content landscape.


What AI tools are best for customer development? How can we use them?

There are so many exciting new tools out there with new ones appearing everyday so here are a few categories of tools that can help with customer development:

Natural language processing (NLP) tools: These tools can be used to analyze customer feedback, surveys, and social media mentions to gain insights into customer needs, pain points, and sentiments.


Predictive analytics tools: These tools use AI and machine learning to predict customer behavior and trends, helping businesses tailor their marketing and sales strategies.


AI-powered content creation tools: These can be used to create personalized content for customers, which can improve engagement and brand loyalty.


Chatbots: They can provide 24/7 customer support, handle queries, and provide personalized recommendations, improving customer experience.


Can AI segment customers based on their needs objective so we can personalize the content to fit each customer/client?


Yes! Tools like HubSpot and Typeform can leverage AI to personalize content to fit each customer's needs. For example, Typeform's Formless AI and HubSpot's AI ChatSpot use conversational interfaces to understand individual customer's needs and tailor their responses accordingly. This helps in delivering a unique and personalized user experience.


ChatGPT, specifically (and likely most of the other models) confidently present often inaccurate information (hallucinations and authoritative sounding inaccuracies). I'd be curious to hear some thoughts surrounding fact checking and AI hallucinations.

Speaking about AI Segmentation and CX, will we be at the stage where CRM would be able to recommend and optimize customer journey touchpoints based on customer segment at the right time and place?


AI can sometimes get things wrong, just like a human. There is ongoing research in ensuring AI models like ChatGPT provide accurate and trustworthy information. This involves both training methodologies and external validation mechanisms. However, complete elimination of inaccuracies is challenging due to the nature of AI's training process, which learns from large sets of data and may inadvertently pick up and replicate factual errors.


As for AI, segmentation, and customer experience (CX) — we’re already seeing advancements. AI-powered CRM systems are capable of not only segmenting customers but also optimizing user journey touchpoints. These systems analyze customer behavior and historical data to predict the best time, place, and manner to engage with each customer. This level of personalization allows businesses to deliver more relevant and impactful experiences, and will be exciting to watch evolve and improve over time.


Does the current functionality of the AI tools in HubSpot currently and automatically take all of the data points into account, or is that something you have to set up and/or can configure?


The current functionality of AI tools in HubSpot requires some setup and configuration to take all the data points into account. HubSpot’s AI tools like Content Assistant and ChatSpot leverage specific data points to provide personalized recommendations and responses. Users need to define and configure the relevant data points to ensure the AI tools consider them alongside their analysis and decision making process.


Can you talk about your latest product, Formless and some popular use cases for it?


Formless is a product by Typeform that focuses on conversational and personalized customer interactions. It aims to provide a more interactive and engaging experience for users. Some popular use cases for Formless include creating conversational forms and surveys, collecting customer feedback, conducting personalized interviews, and generating leads through dynamic and interactive conversations.


What is the projected launch date for this new AI content assistant tool in HubSpot?


HubSpot Content Assistant is currently available in its Beta version. Check it out here.


Would love to hear more about Typeform’s “Holler”. Is it a type of CRM and is it available to use now?


Holler, developed by Typeform Labs, is an experimental product that allows users to get insights from form responses through conversational actions. With Holler, you can ask questions about form responses in a more natural way and even import answers from an existing Typeform or csv file. Sign up to explore Holler and its capabilities here.


How is AI going to affect Search Engine Results?


AI is expected to have a significant impact on search engine results - not not necessarily in a bad way…

With the advancements in natural language processing and machine learning, search engines can grow to better understand user intent and deliver more relevant and personalized search results. AI-powered algorithms can also better help in detecting and penalizing spammy or low-quality content, improving the overall quality of search results.

As AI continues to evolve, search engines will likely become more sophisticated in understanding user queries and delivering highly tailored search experiences.


What top tools for AI should we master now as marketers to keep up and plan ahead? Any education to recommend?


  • Definitely get familiar with ChatGPT
  • Jasper is pushing the envelope for marketing content creation and copywriting.
  • Writer is similar to Jasper, but geared towards larger teams and organizations.
  • Remember to check out the AI features in tools you may already use. For example, if you’re a user of Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Firefly is definitely worth checking out for generative AI imagery.

For education resources, check out courses from Udemy or LinkedIn Learning and focus on one area. A good place to start is with prompt engineering courses with Udemy.

Remember to stay curious, experiment with different tools, and continuously adapt your skills as AI technology evolves in the marketing space.


Is there a platform where you answer general questions about your product and it will give you an overall action plan to include every aspect with a step by step game plan to implement on a daily basis with content?


Not that we’re aware of — yet!

However, there are various tools available that can help with different aspects of your marketing strategy, such as content planning, social media management, and analytics. It's very possible that we will see the emergence of more comprehensive, all-in-one solutions in the not too distant future.

What was the name of the tool that slices up video that Nick mentioned?




Where do I go in typeform to put my current form questions into AI to make it better?


Here is a quick how-to guide on optimizing your typeform questions with AI.

When do you think we'll have AI attend meetings as ourselves and use data of our past communications and decision making as examples to base off of... or just attend Thanksgiving dinner on our behalf ;)

Well, if AI starts attending meetings and Thanksgiving dinners on our behalf, I hope they have impeccable manners and a great sense of humor!

While hard to predict the exact timeline for such advancements, it’s always fun to envision a future where AI can handle our obligations, leaving us more time to enjoy the warmth of human connection, the laughter shared, and the genuine conversations that unfold.


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