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Typeform Love program ❤️

  • 16 March 2022
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Typeform Love program ❤️
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It’s my pleasure to introduce our Typeform Love program to the community!


What is Typeform Love?

Typeform Love is about showing appreciation towards our most active community members. 

We really want to thank and give back to those who regularly contribute to our community and create awesome content! 


Who is eligible for getting Typeform Love?

Any member of the Typeform and VideoAsk Community (regardless of what plan they are on) that contributes to the Community ( on a regular basis and/or takes part in our inspirational content (webinars, case studies, etc). 


How do we know who are the most active members? 

The community platform back end gives us a very accurate view of who the most active members are on a monthly basis: views, posts, answers provided, likes, etc. We’ll use those reports to understand who we should send our Love to. 

Note: when we say activity we mean ‘meaningful activity’. This can come in two ways:

(1) contributions that help our community get better at using our tools and connect with their audiences. 

(2) behaviours that contribute to making our community safe and friendly for everybody.  


The more active you are, the more Love you receive! ❤️


When do we send Love?

Typeform Love is a discretionary reward program, which means that we’ll send rewards whenever we possibly can and deem appropriate. Sometimes it might be monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. There isn’t a fixed ‘frequency’ for this program but we’ll try to be as consistent as we can. 

We’ll send Love whenever possible but we can’t anticipate when or how many people will receive the Love. 


What sort of Love can we send?

We have many members based all around the world, so we want to make it as easy as possible to send Love. 


We will send digital rewards via the Tremendous gifting app. These are tokens/vouchers that can be redeemed in online stores or gifted as donations to non-profit organizations doing good around the world. 

How does redeeming work?

This should be pretty straightforward. If you’re one of the Typeform Love recipients, you will receive an email from titled “Typeform sent you a reward - XXX”. After clicking on the email you’ll have a chance to redeem. 


You’ll have different options to redeem your token: mainly online shops and restaurants – such as Amazon or Adidas – or charity donations – such as Save the Children or Girls who Code. Options will depend on region. 


Important: you have 1 year to redeem your reward since the moment you receive the email, otherwise it’ll expire. These tokens are not cumulative, they’re distributed in a one-off basis and therefore we recommend you to redeem them as soon as possible after you receive them. 


Please bear in mind that we don’t manage the reward platform, any issues you might experience need to be reported to


 For those members who constantly go above and beyond we will, from time to time, offer a discount voucher for a Typeform or VideoAsk subscription. We have a secret formula - based on community activity - to determine who is and isn’t eligible for discounts. In a nutshell, to be eligible for this type or reward you have to be actively contributing on a daily basis.


Typeform Love T&Cs. 

The T&Cs to this program are included in our general community T&Cs (see 14. Miscellanea). 


We can’t wait to start sending Love ❤️

6 replies

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this is such a great thing, and just shows again the vibe off love and welcomingness in this comunity,

thank you @Gabi Amaral for this great love program!

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love, Love, LOVE this! Y’all are the best!!

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Hey @Olgasolo! Did you ever get an email from us offering some love? I was wondering  why you weren't able to redeem your gift card! 😊

Thanks 🙏