I had a question about someone claiming Typeform is his trade marketed software to contractors

  • 24 July 2023
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TLDR: I am in the home service industry and a lot of contractors are being screwed over by someone using typeform and claiming is their proprietary software to gain contractors trust. I am wondering what is the legality around someone claiming something like this by using typeform?

They are basically using conditional formats on typeform questions to redirect to a page. With that being said he has told many contractors he build this software himself and treatens to sue anyone who tries to go directly to typeform to make their own.

I was smart enough to figure out typeform is its own thing but I have a few friends locked down by this. I don’t mind he is providing a service but it seems that where he is lying that he trademarked this software is a big LEGAL problem?

The company I am talking about is upfrog.com

1 reply

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Hey @HomeServiceGuy thanks so much for reaching out to us here and letting us know.

I’m going to send you a DM asking for a bit more information so we can share with our legal team.