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  • 26 February 2024
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Hope someone can help answering the following questions about the possibilities in Typeform-

I am looking for a tool that can be used to find which style (variable) the respondent has, in order to offer the correct online course based on the result from the survey. I have an online course for each style in my programme. I don`t want the style to show for the respondent, but each answer (one per style) will collect the style/variable chosen and then indicate which style based on the tag of variables. 

  • Can I add a tag with a variable per answer, for each question in the survey?
  • Is it possible to show a graphical presentation of the result, showing which style/variable got most hits, based on the answers, but also show the result for the other 5 variables (percentage..?)?

10 replies

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Hi @ambr Thanks for stopping by the community! Do you mind clarifying what you mean by style? For example, an outcome quiz might be easier than having to set up variables, but any further information you can provide would be handy!

Hi and thanks for coming back! 


By style I can be clothe style as boheme, feminin etc… I have six different of these styles. I would like the respondent to get a view (graphically) when finished the survey, which style “scored” most (primary) and also showing the results of the other styles, based on which answer chosen on each of the questions. 


Does that make sense? 

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Yes, that makes much more sense! In that case, you’d definitely want to use variables for this (since the outcome quiz will really only show one of those styles). 

@john.desborough do you have a cheat sheet for this? 

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@Liz @ambr - no cheat sheet for this one BUT there was the workshop on creating the PDF reports to send out based on using Google Sheets, Docs/Slides and Document Studio - from last fall

also i did a post on creating graphs using similar processes that would update a graph in Slides. 


Those might work .. 





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@ambr This is the workshop for reference!


Thansk Liz, I will have a look! :-)

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Let me know how it goes, @ambr !

I have now tried to set up the survey using the logic, and will test a bit that it works - that I have done i correctly. If I have done it right it works well to set it up! Will se through the presentation mentioned above as well! 

Is it possible to do a setting so each responden just will be able to answer once, and not share the survey with others that have not paid for my product …? 


Thanks! :-)

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Hi @ambr Let us know if you run into any troubles!

We don’t have a feature that prevents the respondent from answering multiple times. 😫 We do have some workarounds here, but they would require embedding the form onto your website and creating a code to track cookies. 


I am very interested in hearing how to do the workaround!!