Idea - Sheets Integration for Logic

  • 18 March 2024
  • 3 replies

I would love if it was possible to integrate sheets into logic to make values easier to change, quickly.

For example

If 1a = xyz
Add Sheet1. A4 to score.

I think this would make updating prices such an easy task, and allow my business to produce significantly more forms without the time consumption it takes to edit every logic value.

3 replies

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Hi @ECLM This is definitely a nifty idea, especially for those of you who have some heavy calculations to do! I’ll pass this along to the product team. 😀

Thank you!


Even if you were just able to push the update using a sheet, that would be amazing. Especially if you're updating something like a price list!

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@ECLM Oh yeah, that’s a great thought. Thanks for sharing - I’ll share that with the product team!