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Hey team, 


I am looking to utilize TypeForm for my small business. In short, as a small business owner it is tough to justify the added expense. But Using the 

I did some research on free alternatives. However to make a long story less long, nothing is as good (sexy+ secure)as TypeForm. 


I am looking for the ability to create a new client intake form. 25 questions max. 2-3 responses per month. Nothing fancy, but I don’t seem to be able to do this without paying with TypeForm? 


Can anybody offer a work around using TypeForm? 


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Hi @Joss Biggins Happy Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by the community. Glad you like the look of our forms! 😀

The only workaround that I can provide for staying on the Free plan would be to reduce the number of questions on your form down to 10. This would then allow you to stay on the Free plan, but any more questions that 10 would require you to pay for our service. 

That truly is the best answer! Thank you for taking the time to respond! 

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Hi @Joss Biggins 

Are you part of a local incubator, small business association, or accelerator?

We’ve partnered with dozens of organizations around the globe to offer discounts on Typeform products to entrepreneurs like you. You might already be part of an org that is a partner of ours 😃

Or through things like Product Hunt Founders Club or Secret that also give you access to other Saas discounts.