Embedded Typeform | GTM not firing

  • 26 January 2023
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Hi there - this topic has come up a few times, but I’m still struggling to resolve it. 


  • I have a typeform embedded on my website, on a certain page and also as a slide in (
  • I have the Google Tag Manager integration set up
  • I attempted to address the cookie issue with the GA4 configuration
  • I have GA4 events set up to fire for TypeformSubmit and TypeformFirstInteraction
  • These tags do not fire in GTM preview mode
  • Inconsistently, but not always, these events/conversions show up in GA4, so perhaps it’s dependent on a user’s browser (cookie issue still?)
  • Is there a better guide or resource out there? I promise I’ve read all the threads

Appreciate the help.


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7 replies

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Hi @yacthwarriors Happy little Friday! I took a look at the form on your website, and I can see the events firing: 


If they aren’t appearing in Google, I would suggest reaching out to their support team to see why they aren’t appearing in your account. 

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Hey @yacthwarriors hope you’re doing well, let us know if Liz’s message helped or if there’s anything else we can look into for you 😊

Hi @Grace @liz


Same problem here. It is not about the measurability on a single typeform, it is the problem with GTM integrated on a EMBEDDED typeform on a website. When the typeform is EMBEDDED, all GTM measurability is gone.

Is a fix for this coming soon, or what are the plans to resolve the issues with this specific problem?




Hi @Liz and @Grace - we have the same issue with the “Risk Quiz” link on our webpage  .  I am using this trigger in GTM 

In GTM Preview this seems to fire the tag as expected, however the tag does not come through in GA4 Debug view. Other custom events on the same page work fine. If I use a different trigger to fire the same tag, it comes through in GA4 fine, so its definitely something to do with this trigger.
The Typeform is embedded. Strangely it must work sometimes because when I compare my Type form numbers for 5th of Jan (103 submissions) then 10 of those show up in GA4 for that date...

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Hi @JohanMM do you mind sharing the URL where you have the form? It’s possible with Google’s new ad blocker setting that respondents are disabling the GTM functions, but I can at least see if it’s setup correctly once I have the URL. 😀


@Liz - Thank you for your reply;  native Type form URL is included below. All the other GTM tracking seems to work fine on the main website so not sure Google Add blockers are the issue, unless that issue is specific to Typeform.


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Huh, I took a look at the quiz, @JohanMM , but I’m not seeing the GTM events firing either. Do you mind sending a screenshot of how you have GTM setup in the typeform? 

It may also be worth reaching out to our technical team here (and you can reference this post), as they can log in directly to your account to help.