Typeform Responses API doesn't return options with no answer

  • 19 October 2023
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I’m trying to achieve something like the screenshot below:

I'm currently using the Typeform Responses API at `{form_id}/responses` to fetch all responses. Currently, Typeform only provides responses for the “Forward in time --->" option and doesn't include the "<--- Back in time" option in the results. Is there a way to include options with zero responses in the output so that it matches the displayed image above?


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4 replies

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Hi @eaudu Happy little Friday! The Responses API only includes responses provided by that respondent, so if they didn’t provide that answer, I’m afraid the API wouldn’t include that. 

Out of curiosity, are you trying to build a report outside of Typeform similar to our Typeform one (hence the need for responses regardless of the actual answer)? 

Hi @Liz . Thank you for your response. Yes, I’m trying to build something similar to Typeform report outside of Typeform.

@Liz I’m curious to know how Typeform was able to implement what I have in the screenshot above. I would greatly appreciate any assistance or insights on this matter. Thank you.

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Hi @eaudu Ah got it - good to know! I’ll share that information/use case with the product team. 

While it’s not possible to create something like this exactly with the API since it doesn’t show responses not submitted, would you be able to use a service such as Document Studio to create these reports?