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Typeform + VideoAsk upcoming community changes

  • 22 February 2022
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Typeform + VideoAsk upcoming community changes
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Hello amigo@s, 

I want to give you all a quick update regarding upcoming changes to the community content structure.

As some of you may know, we’ll soon be welcoming VideoAsk creators to our community. This means amongst other things: 

  • Ability to sign up to the community with both Typeform and VideoAsk accounts (enabled already)
  • Look and feel improvements (enabled already).
  • Community categories to be structured by product. (coming soon).
  • Updates to navigation menu (coming soon).
  • New Inspiration Library (coming soon). 
  • New Product Updates area split by product (coming soon). 
  • Updates to onboarding and community guides to cater for users of both products. 


I’ve recorded a little video to take you through some of the most visible changes.



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Changes should become effective next week - development work permits :D

I cannot wait to welcome VideoAsk creators and start this new phase of our community history. Any questions or issues to let us know. 

13 replies

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@Gabriel - looking forward to being able to learn a lot about VideoAsk as this goes forward!!


all in!



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Hey @Gabriel - very excited for these new changes! :)

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Thanks for the update @Gabriel ! Super excited for this, it’s going to be great to have both products in the same space! :hugging:

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I’ve enabled the Inspiration Library. If you can have a look it would be great (click here). 

I want to make sure that you can (1) access (2) make sense of it all. 

Once I get the green light from you I’ll add it to the main menu bar. 

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@Gabriel - looks good.. the only thing i don’t see listed there are “use cases”, if you are intending them to be more than a “featured topic” - which might change… 


but looks good to me.. 




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Hey Des. 

It’s “Case Studies” on the tiles/cards. Maybe we should use cases studies everywhere to make it clearer?

See below, can you see the same?


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yes i can see that @Gabriel - but i would suggest making your wording consistent - suggest changing the text under the header to be ‘and inspiring case studies’ …. the featured topics area should remain ‘use cases’ imho



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Great point! Thanks Des. 

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Nice work @Gabriel — already like the improved UI and the use of the KB for your inspiration library should be interesting.

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Amazing, thanks for this video @Gabriel! Looking forward to welcoming some brilliant VideoAsk creators into our Community! :blue_heart:

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and this is the final change of this community evolution phase in Q1 2022. 

A beautiful footer with links to both the Typeform and VIdeoAsk workspaces. 

@john.desborough you’ll like this one :D 


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I am astonishingly late to the party but I gotta jump in anyway to say how much I love the updated community experience! Keep up the continuously great work, guys! :sunflower:

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@Gabriel glad to see the footer but it is HUUUUGE lol… takes a lot of real estate on the page

i love having it on the page but my only curmudgeonly grump is that i had to scroll all the way down the page (there were about 40 conversations on the page) to get to the link.. 

i still vote for the workspace link(s) being in the top menu and omni present - but that is just me.. 

image below is on a 24  inch monitor with the browser window going full height on the screen.. hence my ‘lot of real estate’