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  • 18 August 2022
  • 3 replies


i want to redirect my form to a link, i have already upgraded my plan so it should allow me to publish, but its not allowing me to publish the form

the plan i am on is £30 per month, do i need a different plan?



3 replies

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Hi @Tomc What is the error message you receive when you try to publish your form? Could you send a screenshot? 

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Hello @Tomc! Hope you've had a nice weekend. Don't forget to let us know what's the error message you're getting when trying to publish your form. All the best! 😉

Im having the same issue. There is no error message, it just says upgrade your plan to publish the survey. When I go to plans, I am already upgraded. What now? Wait a few days for you to look at this or what? What a joke