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  • 22 February 2021
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Im currently building a type form that is an order form. I used the t-shirt order form template and I’m trying to figure out how can I keep track of my product inventory. To avoid over-selling and create a control to sell out after the amount of people order all of my certain product inventory (t-shirt). Should I connect to and outside app? I have the premium package and would hate to have to pay for two website like applications. 


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4 replies

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Hi @lexxeffexx  thanks for popping by the community! We don’t currently have any integrations that can check for inventory as the form is being filled out, but I’m double checking with our developers to see if there are any workarounds that I’m not aware of. Regardless, I’ll note the suggestion for future integrations! 

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Hey @lexxeffexx 

what a great idea!

There are a few ways to achieve this but ultimately it depends on where your inventory available, what is the “source of truth”.

It could be a google spreadsheet, a database, a shopify backend, an airtable base… you get to decide what works best for you 😉

Then every time someones orders a shirt through the typeform you could use a webhook, that will “notify” you that someone has placed a new order. This webhook will receive the details of the order in real time, create shipping label, send email to customer,… but mainly check if inventory and if it reaches 0 call Typeform Create API to update the form and delete the option in the form.

To create this webhook, you can either rely on workflow apps like Zapier, Integromat or n8n. Or build your own logic in code.

Finally, if you want to manage inventory in Typeform, you can keep track of how many times the webhook has been called.

This is all theoretical, but happy to dig together here once you tell us more about your stack 😉 

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about using typeform to sell one of a kind jewelry, which means that there is only one of each item. Is there a way to manage inventory through typeform? So once someone buys a piece, that item gets removed from the typeform survey?




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Hi @katiehal Thanks for stopping by the community! I added your post here where we have some possible solutions for you. 😀