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  • 24 January 2023
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Hi there! I have a great Typform, and it looks great from PC and from phone for many people! still one participant sent me this acreenshot of her seeing the letters in white bright color. Very odd because I see it in blue and black! How come? What do we do? I attach her screenshot here





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4 replies

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OK it seems like she’s on Dark Mode, and the Typeform doesn’t support it. Can we bring it to awareness of Typeform team? Thank you!!! :)

Hi, I have a same problem at the moment. Any ways how to go around this issue and make sure that the font color doesnt change?

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Hi, we left Typeform due to too many problems and bugs, and no real change in response from technichal support. They do write back, but they did not fix the issues we informed about.





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Hi @Leora I’ll share this with the product team! In the meantime, I would suggest using fonts that will appear on both modes just in case you happen to have users preferring dark mode.