Can I hire someone to create my videoasks

I think VIDEOASK is a great tool but I’m very busy and don’t have time to create workflows or learn the tool. I’m looking for an individual who can do a workflow for my business. Anyone interested?

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same i just bought it for emplyees to use now i see each needs it on a phone app. Phone cameras are too shaky for website what are others using? Brand of cameras etc. lighting backgrounds or to edit?

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Hey @Rod Silver  and @Alan DeRossett welcome to the community!

We don’t have a recommended list of partners yet for helping you build out videoasks, but hopefully you can find some help through the community and I’m sure as VideoAsk continues to grow we’ll start collating a list of certified partners :pray:

In the meantime if you do have any questions about getting started feel free to ask them here and I would be more than happy to help!

@Alan DeRossett I use a Logitech streamcam for recording videoasks and have found it to be very reliable, I would say most phone cameras are a pretty good quality these days but you may want to do a bit of testing to find the best fit for your use case. In terms of lighting I definitely recommend using natural light as much as possible if you can.

We have a direct integration with Descript so you can edit your videos and then export them directly to your VideoAsk account, might be worth checking out!

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with, feel free to share how you’re planning on using VideoAsk and hopefully we can get some more tips and tricks on the go here! :projector:

Hey @Rod Silver and @Alan DeRossett I run a software implementation agency and might be able to help. 


We use videoask and typeform internally. 

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Hey @Rod Silver just a follow up on this, I’ve been chatting with our Agency Partners team and they’re working on including VideoAsk into this list so it’s easy to search for Typeform certified partners that can also help with building videoasks - hopefully you can find someone to help you create some awesome workflows!

Hey @Rod Silver - happy to help you with this if you are still looking for someone! 

I am a VideoAsk customer. I really need some help setting this up. Do you have a concierge set-up service? I run a company and have no time to sort out the technical details. 



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Hey @Josh213 moved your question to this thread, @Chaya Gutnick and @Pip - ProjectBox might be able to help, or you can check out the list of agencies here 😊

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Hey @Camille Robert here’s the thread I was talking about, hope this help! 😁

I’m free and able to help! I’m a full-time marketing automation professional and have been using VideoAsk for months!

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Awesome @timwomble thanks for offering your services! Hope some of our members reach out to you 😉 @Rod Silver @Alan DeRossett (Hope you’re both getting on ok and finding your feet with VideoAsk!)


@timwomble feel free to join us over on our new thread here ⬇ to talk about how you’re using VideoAsk!