VideoAsk for fitness and lifestyle community

  • 3 March 2022
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This is a Community for the Over 40’s, that have busy lifestyles and seem to be juggling their diaries to fit in time to workout become healthier and live an energetic lifestyle.

5 replies

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Hey @RepZ Fitness welcome to the community!

Are you using VideoAsk in any of your coaching workflows? We’ve seen lots of fitness professionals start to use VideoAsk to engage asynchronously with clients, would love to hear if you’ve tried it!

Im going to try it 


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Awesome @RepZ Fitness :raised_hands:

Let us know if you have any questions a long the way, and we’d love to hear your feedback once you start using it!

I've been a part of various fitness and lifestyle communities over the years, but I must say, integrating VideoAsk into our group has been a game-changer

The power of VideoAsk lies in its ability to foster a deeper sense of connection and engagement within our community. Whether it's sharing workout routines, discussing nutrition tips, or simply offering support and motivation, VideoAsk adds a personal touch that text-based communication just can't replicate.

The ability to see and hear our fellow members in real-time has strengthened our bonds and made our community feel more like a close-knit family. It's not just about sharing knowledge; it's about sharing experiences, stories, and laughter.

Plus, VideoAsk makes it easy to host virtual fitness classes, workshops, and Q&A sessions with experts in the field. It's like having our own personalized fitness studio right at our fingertips.

So, if you're passionate about fitness and lifestyle, and you haven't tried VideoAsk yet, I highly recommend giving it a go. Join our vibrant community and experience the difference for yourself

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@joanrandall66 Thanks so much for sharing! 😃 It’s awesome to hear how your business and community has benefited from your use of VideoAsk. I’d love to learn more or see a couple of examples of the videoasks you’ve created. I’m sending you a DM in case you’re open to that!