Outdated Developer Documenation

  • 22 July 2021
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I want to preface this by saying this post is coming from a place of frustration.

Now before I go into technical explanations on this, I have some questions for either the developers or the UX team because it looks like there is a missing link somewhere. People have been waiting for almost 2 years now over here, to get the simple ask of knowing WHAT ending screen users ended up on. I unfortunately needed this information to send emails accordingly. I also want this system to be robust, because it is completely unreasonable to expect end-users or developers even to have to rewrite everything for a minor change in logic to a form

Now, this is already bad, and I think clarity is super important rather than repeatedly saying that “Our product team is currently working on adding the endings into the results”. It doesn’t take 2 years to add this feature to the platform.

Now to my main request now that you understand the backstory. I wrote a system to essentially:
A. Take an input form and webhook response
B. Come up with the ending that the user ended up on

During early testing it repeatedly encountered errors with certain questions which is somewhat frustrating. It turns out the cause of this was the outdated api docs, specifically this one. In the logic > actions > condition > vars, type is missing the value of “choice”. At this point, it doesn’t particularly matter to me if that is fixed or not, but I just wanted to point it out regardless.

It feels like these kinds of issues are systemic within the company. From the small note at the end of this article which doesn’t explain how to do anything, and instead defers it off to a blogger, to not thinking through the UX of integrations (Hubspot integration not having an edit button). 

I want to apologize to whoever has to end up dealing with this message because it isn’t your fault, but it feels like if Typeform doesn’t get their stuff together soon, people are going to get frustrated.

I hope you guys are able to take this constructive criticism to heart. Cheers!

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Hi @intercom Thanks for stopping by the community and sharing your feedback! Do you work for intercom? 

If you haven’t seen already, you can see the endings your respondents receive if you’re building an outcome quiz, like shown below. Have you given this setup a try yet? :grinning:


As for the errors you’re receiving, can you please send a screenshot or more details about those? 


Finally, I’m happy to share your feedback about Google Tag Manager, though I’ll need a bit more information as to what isn’t working in the integration. In the article, we mention how to setup the native integration, which is what we currently support. The link we refer to has a much more detailed outlined of how to use GTM from the source itself, Google. :grin:

Let me know if you think of any other questions in the meantime!