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VideoAsk for Real Estate: Lead Generation 🏡

  • 13 July 2022
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VideoAsk for Real Estate: Lead Generation 🏡
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Hey there! Jeremy from the VideoAsk support team here.


Before joining the VideoAsk team, I worked as a Real Estate agent 🏡 and thought it might be helpful to shine a light specifically on how a real estate agent could use VideoAsk to help automate their business in a more personal way.

Previously we looked at how to create a generic videoask to send to just about anyone in your database and sphere of influence.

Catch up on our intro guide here:



This time, we’re going to dive deeper into the capabilities of VideoAsk. In this step by step guide we’ll be building a videoask tailored to gathering home buyer leads.


You’ll learn:

  • How to capture buyer leads using an interactive video conversation
  • Score leads based on their requirements so you can prioritise your follow-ups
  • Redirect prospects to a landing page to generate interest and warm them up


Below is an example of a videoask a real estate agent can use to generate buyer leads either through an email, sending the link via text, or having it embedded on their own website!

(Don’t worry, this videoask is set to preview mode so your answers won’t be recorded 🤓 we have used the redirect to URL feature in this videoask so you may get redirected away from this page, don’t forget to come back and learn how we did it!)



I’ve created this guide to show how you can build a videoask like this and how it can benefit your business.


We’ve split the process up into three sections so you can easily look back through the tutorials anytime you need to.


📹 Step One: Previewing the videoask - how does it work?


In this first video we’ll look at how the example videoask has been created and how it can be a useful tool for keeping in touch with contacts:




📹 Step Two: Creating the videoask


Next up, we’ll dive into creating the videoask and all the different features we’ve included in the building process:




📹 Step Three: Sharing the videoask


And finally, once you’ve created your videoask you’ll want to share it! Check out this walkthrough on the different sharing options available:



And that’s it! Once you start sharing your videoask (or embed it in your website) you will begin to receive responses in your VideoAsk inbox, so be sure to reply back however quickly you deem appropriate.


🗣 Let us know any thoughts or questions you have in the comments below! If you’re working in real estate and thinking about using VideoAsk we’d love to hear from you, and if you’re already using it, tell us how it’s going!

Would you like to see more guides like this? Tell us how we can help solve your realtor challenges 🏡

8 replies

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This is awesome! The detailed walkthrough is so useful and I love the scoring feature option 😍

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Love this guide @jkmorton !!! I’m not in the market for a house but if I was, I’d definitely be knocking on the door of your videoask 🏠

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i have a real estate client that i think can use this immensely.. just need to pin him down long enough to do these videos.. lol

thanks for the guide @jkmorton 



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Always happy to help! If there is anything we can do to make the process easier for them, @john.desborough, let us know! :) 

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This is awesome @jkmorton thanks for building on the first guide and taking it to the next level! Looking forward to seeing what you cook up next 👀

Thank you for sharing your info. How do I use Mailchimp with videoask?

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Hey @Marty Saunders thanks for your question! You can integrate VideoAsk with Mailchimp using Zapier, or if you want to send out a videoask via an email marketing tool you might like to check out our Help Center article here which gives an example of how to do that using Mailchimp 😊

Get back to you later on this, after I reach Bangalore