Create blocks of questions in a form each with their own scores

  • 3 August 2023
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I would like to create 3 blocks of forms with 11 questions each. Then, I would like to calculate the scores for each block. I tried to use the logic to do this, however after I add the ending is not possible to continue to add more forms.

Thank you in advance


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@valcusto - instead of using an ending you can use a statement question/page to show the output of the calculations and then go to the next set of questions.. 


@john.desborough Thank you so much for your prompt answer. Probably, I didn’t explain properly. I would like to see the results on my statistics per block (please see image below) but no need to show it to my audience.


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@valcusto - suggest creating 3 variables to act as subtotals for the blocks. then adding the pts to each block subtotal as appropriate in each question using the logic rules. that will give you the 3 separate variables that show up in your submission. 



@john.desborough Thank you so much. I will give it a try and let you know :)

How do you do it?

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Hey @valcusto how’s it going? Did you manage to work this out? Maybe you could share your solution with @Julia Longo Koru 😊

For me would be really helpful if I could know de score of each question someone answer.. If I could know that, I would understand where my students need more help!

Is it possible? To know de score of each question?