[Meaningful Mondays] You can't have it all

  • 25 September 2021
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[Meaningful Mondays] You can't have it all
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Hello Typeform Community!


It's great to be here 😀 I'm a former Typeform employee and current operating partner at VC firm Seven Seven Six. I'm also a mamá, a wife, a friend, and a daughter who has to – much like you – juggle thousands of different tasks every week. 


@James  told me about your Meaningful Mondays and I wanted to stop by and (re)share something I've started doing which has been helping me a lot – in the hope that it will help you a lot, too.


It’s been just one week since I set my final quarterly goals of 2021. But these aren't company goals – these are my goals: they help me decide what is most important to me to focus on now so I can drop anything that doesn't help towards that


It's part of an approach towards sustainable decision making that I came up with based on my own experience living and losing at the fallacy that "you can have it all". I spoke about this earlier this year at Typeform's Meaningful event where I presented a way to find more balance in your life and your decision making 🧘


You can rewatch the talk here:



Try it yourself


Many of us are heading into the busiest period of our year: closing out Q4 company goals, planning for the holidays, dealing with day-to-day chores, plus the small matter of coming to terms with the fallout from a global pandemic. So I wanted to offer a gift to you – the gift of (slightly more) balance and focus in this busy time.


James and I have put together a typeform that will allow you to take back control of your life and give you a basis for sustainable decision making


It takes about 10 minutes to complete and by the end of it you'll have a report with:

  • Your 4 key evergreen life goals

  • Priorities for Q4 based on where you want to focus

  • A list of goals and tasks to accomplish in Q4 based on these priorities

  • A list of balls you want to drop next quarter (you'll see how satisfying this is)


Give it a try now:




Let me know what you think of this framework. I’ve love to know your thoughts, and also how you currently approach how to prioritise things in your life. Do you have a system that works for you?

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Hey @Cristina Georgoulakis  thanks so much for taking the time to share your wisdom with us (twice). I really believe in this framework/philosophy/principles you’ve created here. It feels like there’s so much to juggle these days that even if I were an octopus (big if) I would struggle to keep everything I want to accomplish in the air.

I’ve already set my Q4 goals using your system and am genuinely pumped to start focusing on what I really want to get done. And you were right, “dropping balls” is sooooo satisfying.

BTW I took your advice, and converted the goals into a Notion page. It feels odd managing “life” goals in what I’ve always thought of as a “work” tool but at least it’s a format I’m used to using!



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@Cristina Georgoulakis @James - thanks for this. 

“letting balls drop” was a key takeaway from your presentation at Meaningful Conversations, @Cristina Georgoulakis . The whole presentation and framework really resonated with me and i made the list of balls to drop and it was a successful set of actions that really helped over the summer. 

Now with this framework and the quiz (yes, i just took the quiz) i am set for q4! or at least focused, now, on the priorities for the next three months. 

The next challenge for me, and likely for many of us, will be to hold ourselves accountable for those goals .. and measuring if our intentions got us where we intended and not on the road to h - e - double toothpicks. (I am using the plural for myself due to the 7 other voices in my head...) 

I’ve now set up a monthly ‘accountability check-in’ to review my list and give myself a pep-talk

thank YOU.. 



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Hey @James!

Thanks so much for your help working on this, it has been a pleasure :)  Also, LOVE to see you your Q4 goals and they are looking great in Notion too! 

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Hi, @john.desborough! I’m so happy to hear you found it helpful and already stared using the framework over the summer - woohooo! I hear you on the accountability piece, but sounds like you are managing yourself and those 7 other voices particularly well :clap:  :raised_hands: