October Community Roundup 🍂

  • 3 November 2022
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October Community Roundup 🍂
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Now that we’ve had a full month of everything pumpkin and a full month of the Brand Kit feature, I figure it’s time to look back on all things community! It’s been a quiet October, but the community has been bustling with activity from all of you great folks! 


Off we go!


📈 Since October, we’ve had 838 new folks join the community, bringing us to a total of 19,358 members. 90 of you were VideoAsk users - yay! 


🗣️   203 conversations were started, with 944 likes handed out 


👀   83,250 visitors stopped by the community and 36,775 of those were unique views. 


✅  78.33% of questions were answered.


Here are some of the highlights from last month: 


The VideoAsk team has been hard at work publishing new guides to inspire your creativity with VideoAsk. Learn how to increase your clickthrough rate with personalized GIFs and password protect your forms this month. 

If you missed our Lead Gen webinar earlier this month, thankfully you can watch the replay here. You’ll get some handy tips from Sarah Casdorph, HubSpot's Email Growth & Monetization Manager; Nick Telson, Founder of trumpet, and Lindsey Chambers, Senior Director of Sales at Typeform.


Our Brand Kit feature is here! If you’ve been dreaming of a place to save your brand colors, logos, and media files, your dreams have been granted. Learn more about this feature from our Typeform Product Digest here


We invited you to scare us out of our wits in our Halloween typeform competition. Congrats to prizewinners @john.desborough  and @derekresults  for creating interactive stories that had our knees knocking with fear. Check them out here


In this month’s VideoAsk Voyagers, learn how Yum Tum took a local online cooking class and expanded it into an entire suite of online experiences. Ankita also shares some handy tips you may find useful for your forms. 


With some of us entering the cold-weather season in the northern part of the world, it’s a great time to cozy up to a new film or TV show! Read about what we’ve been watching (and share your favorites!) here


We sadly said goodbye to @Gabi.Amaral  this month who is moving back to Brazil. Thankfully she’s agreed to do my job for free and will be answering all of your questions now! JUST kidding. But she will be popping around the community as an active member like many of you!

Shout out to @john.desborough  @Grace @mathio @Darnell @Gabi.Amaral  @andrew_videoask  for hanging out with us last month.

And that’s all, folks. See you all next month!


6 replies

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Hahahaha I can definitely answer some questions, however, they won't be as good as yours @Liz😂

Great month, well done! 💛

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😂😂😂😂 you never know, @Gabi.Amaral ! We miss you already!

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yes. yes we do.. I agree with @Liz … we miss you already @Gabi.Amaral … Liz has to put with me all on her own…. and that’s enough to keep anyone away from here.. lol


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Wow October just flew by! And we packed quite a bit in 🙌 And we’re soooo close to 20,000 members! 


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Great October everyone! Thanks to @Liz and @Grace for keeping all those interesting posts coming. And yes, we miss you @Gabi.Amaral - hope things are going well with the move back!

Just realised there’s no mention of “squirrelgate” in this roundup. If anyone missed @john.desborough ‘s tale of man versus rodent I suggest you catch up with it on page 4 of this post 🐿️

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@James - squirrelgate has been mostly resolved… pics to come shortly.. 

and the hungry hawks are doing their job there too.. Hawks 12 - Rodents 0