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  • 21 June 2024
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I am struggling with the survey I am creating. I am asking my customers about the different types of furniture they bought from us. To do that, I made multiple questions "slides" with everything detailed, "sofa", "chair",...(the people I will send my survey to will have the option to choose more than one option in order to have more accurate results)…… Following this, I created more "slides" detailing each product by category (same as the "sofa", "chair",... ,above). However, I have trouble every time I try to run my survey; if I select sofa and chair out of the 7 options available, I will automatically skip the options before, but after responding to these two, I will still have to reply to all the rest even if I did not select it, I try to change it by making it mandatory skip it to the next relevant question, however, than I can only reply to one thing I selected out of 2/3 items I selected. I am sorry if this may sound confusing. 

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6 replies

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Hi @Juliette Bayle Not confusing at all! It sounds like you just need to set up logic jumps on all of the following questions to let the form builder know to skip them if they don’t apply. This article here can walk you through how to set up those logic jumps. 😀

Thank you for your reply, I try to redo it, however it does seem to be working do you have another example please ? 

To be more transparent about where I am struggling in the survey I am trying to create, For example, you sent me the different new papers, and despite the multiple-choice possibility, all only had one outcome: to rate the newspapers. However, in mine, they can choose multiple options, and following this, they can also choose various options, and this is the part that’s getting messy for me because some options have numerous choices followed by A) B) C) and if let’s just say someone will choose A) B) → then A) have three options → out of this three options people are allowed to choose as many as they want, but if they choose the 3/2 → 2 more options should appeared, then after I want B) to come out if they choose the initial A and B, but sometimes the B does not come or neither all of the options if someone only choose B then no problem it will go straight to B I don’t know how to fix the logic to be honest and I tried everything I thought of at this point.

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Hi @Juliette Bayle Do you mind sending a few screenshots of the logic jumps you have setup so we can see where you’re at and suggest solutions? Thanks in advance!

Well none of the pictures I try to send you seem to be publish

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@Juliette Bayle - i know there are several posts in here where i have described how to do this multi-select multiple choice logic. (search for ‘declining balance’ and you should see some. 

failing that, i have a cheatsheet available here that you can grab if you want - it will lay it out for you there as well. 

(yes @Liz  - there is a cheatsheet for this one lol)