⚽ 2022 World Cup prediction league ⚽

  • 22 November 2022
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Hey all,


The World Cup is now officially up and running and I thought we could have a bit of fun with it here on the Community. Thanks to @Grace for planting the seed of the idea in this thread, I decided to create a “World Cup Predictor league” (obviously using Typeform to power it). 

So here’s the big idea:

  • Each day I’ll create a new typeform where you can predict the scores of the matches of the next day.
  • I’ll post it here in this topic every day and participants need to fill it out with what they think the scores will be.
  • Points will be awarded depending on the accuracy of your predictions (10 points for the correct result and score; 3 points for a correct team score: and 2 points for a correct result (but where the 2 scores were wrong)
  • I’ll knock together a league table and keep a running total of how everyone performs. Don’t feel pressure to play it every day, but obviously the more often you play, the better chance you have of winning.
  • We’re playing just for the pure thrill of the game here, can’t offer a prize for this one folks.

Let’s give it a go and see if this takes off. Here’s the typeform for you to predict tomorrow’s games (I’ll keep adding the new ones here every day so be sure to check back - I’ll ping you in the comments too if you let me know your Community username in the form):

Day 4 (23 November):

Day 5 (24 November):



Day 6 (25 November):



Days 7 & 8 (26/27 November):



Day 9 (28 November):



Day 10 (29 November):



Day 11 (30 November):



Day 12 (1 December):



Day 13 (2 December):



Days 14 & 15 (3 &4 December):



 Days 16 & 17 (5 & 6 December):



 Days 18 & 19 (9 & 10 December):



Semi Finals (13 & 14 December):


Final Weekend (17 & 18 December):



54 replies

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Hey all,


Wow, what a final! What a player! What a tournament! I'm of course, talking about the Typeform Community prediction league (although the Argentines and that Messi fella did alright, too).


After a scintillating final weekend, which – just like the World Cup Final – went right to the wire, we have a winner. Congratulations to @christome, who ensures that Brazil do walk away from Qatar with a trophy after all 🇧🇷🏆


Christiane has performed solidly throughout the tournament and shown some very shrewd soothsaying skills. She was run very close (just 4 points!!) by early tournament leader @benjohnson , who battled to the end but just couldn't quite find the killer predicting punch. 


Special mention too to @Cat  for picking up the golden boot for the most correct results predicted over the course of the tournament. 


A big thank you to everyone who took part – I really enjoyed this experience and it was great to have something to care about in those matches where otherwise I wouldn't have given a hoot who won. 


See you all in 4 years…


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Congratulations everyone 🎉 What an epic final that was…! Thanks for organizing the tournament @James, can’t wait for the next one 😜

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This was amazing! Thank you so much @James for putting it together. Congratulations to all the competitors and great job @christome , so well deserved! Until next time everyone ❤

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@James - thank YOU for putting this together.. it was a lot of fun. 

To @benjohnson and @christome - well done in terms of running away from us all and putting up an awesome fight for the “golden sock” award (?????)

and to the rest of us - thankfully there is no relegation zone lol.. 


cheers to all and, yes, being from one of the co-hosts for the next go round, I’ll host the finals party here in Ottawa!