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  • 19 March 2021
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Hello Typeform family,


I have more than enough responses on my survey and I do not know how to close the survey out to block further responses.  I must have missed something when setting up the survey, but what are the steps I should take to close it out now?







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@sal - welcome to the community!

if you are using the new builder version, then the images below will show you where to look: 

first, under the settings (gear) icon  in the upper right corner of the image below - then under Access and Scheduling


in the second image you can schedule a close date, set a response limit ie 50 or 100 or you can toggle the Close typeform to new responses to an on setting (it is show off in the image) 


one last thing to do is to show a custom closed message to your audience - ie “due to overwhelming response, we have already reached the limit on our research requirements. Thank you for thinking of us… connect with us here (by email ?/) if you are interested in our next research project” ..  or something like that.. 


that should close it for you in the new builder .


I am not as familiar with the classic builder to be able to tell you how to do so there, so one of the amazing Typeformers will have to weigh there. 





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Hi @sal ,

In the Classic version, you can do this as well. It’s easy to see from the left navigation window:

You have all the options listed after clicking the ‘open lock’ icon. Very similar to what Des shared in the new design but direct access from the first screen. 

I hope you have what you need between these two screen shots!