Unhappy with the new plans

  • 11 June 2021
  • 3 replies

I just paid for a full year of Typeform, and less than a month later I see the new plans. I am a one person business and it feels like I can't trust the tool in the long run. To keep getting more than 1000 responses I will have to pay much more for a tool that is already expensive. 

Does anyone else feel this way? 

Just venting, I know. But it is frustrating and makes me reconsider my future using Typeform.

3 replies

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Hi @brguy Thanks for stopping by the community and sharing your feedback. From time to time, we evaluate our plans and pricing to be sure they’re providing the right features at the right pricing.


You can learn a little bit more about why we made the pricing change here: 


Though, anyone that is currently on a plan that we no longer offer will be grandfathered into the plan, meaning that you’ll get to stay subscribed to your current plan unless you upgrade or downgrade. Hopefully it helps a bit to know that you can continue with your current plan! :grin:

Yeah, one year later and I still feel like this. 

I will not be renewing my plan with Typeform. 

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Hi @brguy Nice to hear from you again! We completely understand if you need to find a tool that better suits what you’re looking for in terms of plans/pricing.