Request Responses from the API Filtered by Tag

  • 15 September 2022
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Looking through the Responses API documentation there doesn’t appear to be mention of a way to request Responses filtered by the presence of a particular tag.  The tags themselves do appear in the response data from the API, so wondering if there is a way to filter for them as part of a param in the API request?


4 replies

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Hi @codecademy are you from Codecademy? If so, love your product! 

That is actually a very good question that I don’t know the answer to. I’m asking our tech team!

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Hi @codecademy the wonderful @Scot  confirmed with product that we don’t have this feature, but he did suggest filtering like this:

The downside is that, if someone includes the tag name in their response, it will show, but hopefully this gives a workaround for the time being!

Hello Liz, thank you for checking! 

Perhaps I’ve missed something, but unfortunately I was not able to return any results when using the tagname as the query param (the tagname being used is a single word, no escapes or spaces, also tried various capitalization with no luck).  As a sanity check, I tried going back to querying by some other text found in some of the responses and the API again returned back a list of records, some of which showed they had the tag.

Is there any chance the ability to specify a tag to filter on as a separate request param could be added to the API? If so, that would be very much appreciated! :)

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Hi @codecademy I can definitely share this feedback with the product team! 😀