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VideoAsk Product Digest - July 2022 📹

  • 1 July 2022
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VideoAsk Product Digest - July 2022 📹
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Hey everyone! Summer’s here 🌞 and we’re cranking up the temperature with some hot off the press VideoAsk updates! 




Reply with audio


Up until now, as a creator we’ve only had the option to reply to respondents using video. Now you can just as easily send them a quick audio message, so you can keep the conversation going even if you’re not camera ready! 


📹 Let’s take a look at how it works:




Manually add contacts to VideoAsk


After the success of importing your Typeform contacts to your VideoAsk account you can now manually add a contact into your Contacts list! 


Simply head to your Contacts list and click on the Add button:



From here you can enter the Name, Email and Phone Number (email address is the only required field at this stage)



Once they’re in your contacts list you can kick off a conversation by sending them a direct video message




Template gallery improvements


We’ve been making some changes to our template gallery over the past few months. If you’re new to VideoAsk or looking for some inspiration you can now visit the new and improved Templates section within your account where you’ll find categorized videoask templates – each with a description and overview of the features used.



You can preview the videoask before choosing to download it. Once you’ve picked something that best matches your use case, hit the use this template button to begin editing it. 



Don’t forget to replace our videos with ones that are personal to you 😉




Let us know what you think of the latest VideoAsk updates in the comments below! 

Don’t forget to check out July’s videoask of the month which features wedding photographer, From the Daisies, who used VideoAsk for an exclusive sign up form 📸


🤳 Do you have any feedback for the VideoAsk product team? We’d love to hear from you, check out the post here to get in touch 🗣

4 replies

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i normally do not reply to random commits from websites and have never created contacts except for email. how would i use audio for a few i might want to respond too also do not add contracts unless i need them more then once? havenot done the video as i work late at night and do not have time to comb hair after midnite to make a video response. it there a way to do them later or all at once?

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Hi @Alan DeRossett 👋 thanks for stopping by!

If you’ve created a videoask and you are collecting responses you’ll be able to reply back to those messages now via audio rather than video, so no need to worry about combing your hair!

If you only need to add a contact for a short amount of time, you can delete the contact details once you’ve finished with them, when you’re in the Contacts list just click on the 3 dots and you’ll see the option to delete a contact:


Hope that helps! Let us know how you get on with using the audio option!

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here’s an example of 99.999 % of commit spam now do not want to have a new clean up vector. how do i prevent the spam first allowing only real users to ask legitimate questions?  Example of site nonsense we see now.

Crytokib Crytokib
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Hi @Alan DeRossett are these coming through as responses to your videoask? 

We don’t have a native spam filter at the moment, it is something that’s on our feature request board so I’ve added a +1 to it. 

Would be great to hear how other users tackle these kinds of responses, is it something that happens frequently for you?