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📸 July videoask of the month!

📸 July videoask of the month!
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Hi everyone! 🌼


Welcome to another edition of videoask of the month! 


This month we’re excited to share a personalized application form co-created by Steph Fisher, Photographer at From the Daisies and Sam Queen, Publishing Partner at Agexa.


Check out this inspired videoask: 

(the videoask is set to preview mode so no responses will be submitted 🤓)




What’s the use case?


This videoask was created as part of the application process for a brand new combo package that From the Daisies was offering.

The package included a photography workshop, access to a business and marketing course and to be part of their mentorship community. Spots were limited to 10 people per workshop so it was important for Steph and the team to be able to personalize and streamline the sign up experience. Using VideoAsk allowed both the team and the applicant to get to know each other asynchronously and once an application was approved a call would be scheduled with the sales team.


Where can you find it?


Steph made the decision to only run this offer on her Instagram @fromthedaisies using Instagram Story swipe ups targeting her organic following. Steph and Sam have plans to test out Instagram and Facebook ads next, with a videoask embedded within the funnel, and they’re looking at embedding a videoask onto the From the Daisies website, thanks to the success of this campaign and positive feedback from applicants.




This videoask has been built using the following features:


  • Button answer type
  • Open ended answer type (text only and video and text)
  • Multiple choice answer type (using multiple selection)
  • Overlay text

Steph uses the videoask to ask qualifying questions. You’ll notice answers can only be submitted by text for these questions but when it comes to her asking them to tell her a bit more about themselves they also have the option to respond via video.

There’s a great bit of psychology at play here, you’re allowing the applicant to warm up to the process and get to know you via video and then when it comes time to choose between responding via video or text, applicants are more likely to choose video to mirror your behaviour 😉


🎉 Congrats to Steph and Sam for creating such an engaging sign up form, we’re excited to see how you use VideoAsk next! 💛

  • If you’d like to learn more about Steph and her photography don’t forget to check out the website From the Daisies for more info.
  • And if you’d like to learn more about Sam and the team at Agexa, or need some help building your VideoAsk or Typeform, you’ll find them over on our Agency Directory.

As always, if you have any questions about the features used in this VideoAsk, let us know in the comments!


We’re always on the hunt for inspiring videoasks - if you would like to be featured as a videoask of the month both here in the community and in the VideoAsk Product Digest Newsletter, send me a DM or tell us about your use case here 🙏


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Wow, such a great use case! And the videoask is very nice as well, she's a natural! 😍

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@Grace that is a great use case.. fab work on the tool to drive people to the desired outcome