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Typeform Love giveaway - April 2023 ❤️

  • 11 April 2023
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Typeform Love giveaway - April 2023 ❤️
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Hi friends! 👋🏼

We're back again with another dose of Typeform Community Love 💕  As a token of appreciation for the folks who make this Community such an interesting and helpful place to be, we’re sending Love to some of you once again. 


If you’ve been an active member in the community lately, you may get an email from us with ‘LOVE’. The email should look like this and it’s NOT spam. 




Please note that we’ll send the email to the address you have registered in your Typeform or VideoAsk community accounts, so stay tuned! 😉

Special shout out to: @john.desborough @andrew_videoask  @mathio @jeremielp @Darnell @Leora16 @Jake Charlson @RICK VAN NESS @Graham Cox @Paul Lilley @Karine @jvh @HC Marketing @juliekim @Stu Grant 

You can read more about our Typeform Love program below:



Thank you very much for being here. Hope you enjoy it! ❤️

5 replies

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Thanks @James and the Typeform Team. It’s a pleasure to receive and also a pleasure to donate along to one of the charities that are supported. 


cheers to one and all and thanks to everyone for contributing to the community


Well, that was unexpected, thank you!

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Thank you, it is always nice to be appreciated 😎

And thanks to all members of the community. It is always a pleasure to help, whenever I can.

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@James Y’all at Typeform just never fail or disappoint!!

Still a Top 3 worldwide community of mine.

Still an incredible product.

Still feeling the love!

Thank. You.

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So great to see some new faces popping up around the community this month!

Thanks for sharing the LOVE @James and a big thank you to everyone that turns up and makes this Community such a great place to be 😁 💙