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I'd like to edit the button click area on Webflow, but I can't do it. 
I want to use my own button, so far so good. The only problem is that I can't get the whole clickable area to go back to the popup embed form. I'd like to be able to click anywhere in my custom button to open the embed typeform.

Here you can have a look about my issue

Thanks :)

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Hi @Le j Thanks for stopping by the community! If you’re using the embed code we provide, we can definitely help troubleshoot that. Though, I’m afraid we’re not the most helpful with custom code since it’s code we’re not entirely familiar with. 

In case anyone here happens to be good with coding, do you mind sharing the URL where you have the button so we can look at the code? 



Thanks for the reply.
I’m using the embed code provide, but I can’t manage to custom the size of the button, the font, … 

Any help on that ?

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Hi @Le j 

To help us debug, could you share the page where this button is and the code you used?

You can read more about the modal embed code in our developer documentation