HIPAA Compliance Timeline?

  • 18 February 2021
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Hey Typeform Team - Has there been any update on the timeline for Typeform being HIPAA compliant? I do FB ad lead gen for a few companies in the medical space, and folks need to find new solutions after the iOS14 sub-domain issues with competitors. Typeform would be the no-brainer form of choice if it were HIPPA compliant.



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I have this same need. I see that their COVID-19 FAQ says they aspire to be HIPAA compliant but offer no timeline. I would love to know even a rough timeline.

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Hi @perf_marketer_1 and @ctheath - thanks for dropping by! While I don’t have a timeline offhand, I’ve reached out to our compliance team to ask if they do. :grinning: I’ll report back soon!

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Hi @perf_marketer_1 - You heard it here first!

Our legal team has let me know that we are now HIPAA compliant and have begun signing BAAs. 



We’re still working on the public documentation for this, but happy to let you all know that it’s a yes!

We are officially certified in SOC2.1 and HIPAA.
That means that we are certified and compliant with:
• ISO27001
• SOC2

If you have any questions about this, let us know. :grin:

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Hey @Liz! Fantastic news. Thanks so much for looking into this. I’m sure lots of folks will be making the switch to Typeform soon with this news & fast solution for domain verification for iOS 14. 

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@perf_marketer_1 I hope! We’d love to have more folks using Typeforms! What a great week for all the fixes and new things here. :heart_eyes:


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For anyone reading this thread and wondering more about BAAs or just general information about HIPAA and Typeform, please contact our support team here so our wonderful compliance team can help answer your questions! :)