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🌟 Share Your Feedback and Join the VideoAsk AI Revolution! 🌟

  • 5 July 2023
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🌟 Share Your Feedback and Join the VideoAsk AI Revolution! 🌟
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Hey VideoAsk Community,


My name is Mauricio, Product Manager at VideoAsk, and I would like to give you exclusive access to a new project we are working on at VideoAsk…


Introducing: AI summaries!🤖📝



AI algorithms will automatically summarize responses and messages, capturing the essence, and saving you precious time and effort. Now, you can easily focus on what truly matters to your audience.


We want to hear how AI can help you achieve your goals with VideoAsk:

1️⃣ How could AI features benefit your day-to-day conversations?

2️⃣ How can AI enhance your processes in VideoAsk?

3️⃣ Are there any specific challenges VideoAsk could solve with the help of AI?


If you would like to sign up to test just comment in this thread and we will enable the feature in your VideoAsk account. You can also share your thoughts and feedback on how AI could help achieve your goals in this conversation, here in the comments, or using this videoask:




And if you would like to chat directly with the Product team, feel free to book a time via our calendar link over here.


Your feedback is crucial for our development so we’d also like to invite our community to join the VideoAsk Feedback Club to get early access to new features and provide feedback on the latest product releases. 


Thanks everyone, let's revolutionize VideoAsk together! 🙌

2 replies

well you might have something on your hands , i’ve seen similar stuff but not this advanced …. and for me this might be the thing to just learn a video editor +chat ...for the future  , like streaming platforms they all move in weird ways that it is pointless to mention …..aniway what i want to sugest regarding videoask , obviously i just found it and you guys already developed and played with it , not saying to copy bigger companies like ytb or  any other , but more like look at their services ….they ok for some major platforms ...but imagine that can be better, more integrity , i love and adore complex stuff and options but swears some apps are just useless altho they have so many options . like facebook for example , i bet 80% of it’s users don’t know that absolute monster of a website and no one uses it ….it’s cuz there isn’t a interconectivity between functions makes the app cold the user interface is fkt …’s like filling a medical form , and idk typeform is awesome 2 , imagine with an ai , typeform can be programed to do auto-fill on surveys and idk some ppl might earn money ….idk carry on project looks good , i am tired ,going to sleep… :*

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Hey @sugipuls123 thanks for the feedback and hope you got some rest! 

I know you said you are new to VideoAsk, but let us know if you would like to be added to the beta testing group for AI features and we can activate it in your account 😊