What features would you like Typeform to have in the future?

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I like the tracked login idea

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Im hoping with typeforms stripe integration it can accept subscription payments and other form of payents that stripe offers without leaving the form!

When will this feature be available?

I’m trying to do a single survey with multiple languages - leveraging conditional fields for it is great, however what would be even better is being able to map back the questions in the results. So Question 1 in english, french, and spanish - i should be able to see the aggregated results for that question and filter as needed. 

A more sophisticated report or visualization would also be helpful - or direct integrations with tools like so that we could both manipulate the form data and share it back in creative and compelling ways.


I’d love to see the “Insights” section reflect the “Responses” as opposed to all historical data. Our team tends to test the form on a regular basis and I noticed that even if you delete responses, they're still going to be reflected there. It would make my life a million times easier if the Insights took this into account so I didn’t have to do it via Google Sheets. Thank you!

It would be super useful to be able to add attachments to follow-up emails to respondents. Example:

  1. User wants to find out more information about a service
  2. User clicks link on website / landing page to download a brochure or document
  3. User directed to Typeform and is required to provide details to obtain brochure or document
  4. User completes Typeform
  5. Follow-up email is triggered and sent to user containing .pdf attachment(s)

I have tried to set this up using links to our Sharepoint, but the links do not consistently show in email clients, even the same client with different users has problems. Only having a 20% strike rate on links even appearing as links, let alone working. I set these up using <a href=””>This is my document</a> as a hypertext link anchor inline.

Implementing an attachment function to follow up emails seems to be the most obvious way to do this. Clearly, we don’t want to allow abuse and to allow fraudulent or dangerous file types to be sent, so it could be limited to .pdf in the first instance.

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@Paul Thomson - do you use a CRM (ie Hubspot) or ESP (Mailchimp)?? they are better designed as email sequences

you CAN do this with Typeform, Google Sheets, a Google Doc/Slide as a template, and an addin called Document Studio 

  • the data is submitted from Typeform to the google sheet which kicks off Document Studio process(es) that can merge the data with the template target, create the pdf and email it out to the client 

that’s a simple yet effective way to get there.. 



Integration with stripe subscriptions

I’d really like the ability to have different backgrounds/images on mobile and desktop versions. When I get the picture set up perfectly for mobile, it’s weirdly cropped for desktop, and vice versa.

To add audio voice overs and video!?😭

I think it would be very helpful to add the option of formatted bulleted lists and numbered lists!

It would also be great to include the option to add an image with multiple choice questions.

Still…. Multiple questions on one page..

  1. Commas for large numbers.
  2. Simpler, more attractive form field inputs on the presentation side.
  3. Simpler text formulas for logic instead of dropdown menu fields.
  4. Be able to rename variables without having to redo all the logic of the form.
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The ability to reference a Calendly question in the conditional logic:

  • If Calendly meeting = booked, then go to question or thank you page A
  • If Calendly meeting = not booked, then go to question or thank you page B 
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A visible change log that lists unpublished changes.  

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The ability to create a custom question / page where an iframe can be inserted into that page.  This would enable the ability to use other booking options in addition to Calendly, like Chilipiper as well as just a ton of flexibility for custom pages.

Multiple file upload for images 

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Adding job title to the contact info question.

Being able to pass the submission ID as a field into the end screen button would be huge. It would allow a multi-form user experience without having to rely on 3rd party tools. 


Another feature that would be lovely:

Connect drop-down list options to a google sheet or similar. If a customer doesn’t see the option they want in the dropdown, they can select that it’s not listed and add a new one (conditional follow-up question). We have to then add the new options to the drop-down list manually, whereas with a Google Sheet we could fully automate it. 

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It would be helpful (and in our case crucial) to collect Decimal Numbers and financial information. Requesting it as strings or integers requires a lot of back-end processing.

Having a comma separating two numbers is essential, this is 2024 not '85. 
I was shocked when I saw that it is not possible to insert it. 

It would be really useful to be able re-order rules once they’re defined, instead of having to delete and re-create the rules to maintain the heirarchy

The option to change the colour of the description of the questions. Or at least the sort of opacity the system uses to make the description colour based on given text colour. 

Reason not being aesthetics, but reason being most of the time, the system will create a colour combination with the background and the description text that does not pass the WCAG colour standards.

This I think is quite a big issue - not just because it doesn’t pass standards and makes the descriptions hard to read, but that most people creating surveys and such have no idea to check for these things. I, as a UX designer, do and then use a slightly different background and try different combinations, but most will never try that. 

Please make the opacity of the text editable, what is this madness, why is it not possible? We have the greatest designer on our team who can’t do their work cause there is a weird forced formatting on your side.

Would like to be able have our Typeform seamlessly blend into our website, but with very limited design options this becomes difficult and makes it stand out from the rest of the site. There needs to be more granularity for the design features…

  • Ability to upload custom fonts
  • Ability to select different fonts for each element
  • Ability to change colour of Description font
  • Ability to change the sizes of text rather than just Small, Medium, Large for all
  • Ability to remove keyboard shortcut prompts
  • Ability to remove privacy prompts
  • Ability to change weight of button font, defaults to Bold
  • Ability to change colour or remove borders/fill area around multiple choice options

If the Typeform is designed to become an important part of our website, it should have the design flexibility that any website CMS would have.

poder editar el email que les llega a los registrados, ahora llega como 

Seria ideal poder editar y que diga el nombre de tu website o producto!