What features would you like Typeform to have in the future?

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Using a hack with Gravity forms to pass hidden address fields to Typeform. I would pay extra to add an Address Autocomplete field that pulls from Google.

Also, I would ❤️ to see some stats on if adding multiple fields to a single page makes all the difference. I know outside of the realm of Typeform it makes all the difference for conversion rates if you have a handful of fields on the same screen. Would love to force collection of First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Email up front before continuing the survey. Four steps becomes one, and with autofill it’s way faster for the customer.

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A datetime field, a time field, address field with autocompletion, a datefield with input type text not input type date on mobiles, allow us to edit the formatting of description text and an option to remove the calendar reminder from the bottom right corner.

Separate themes for desktop and mobile.

Also, the hability to use different images in questions for desktop and mobile.

This will give control to the builder to create images that favours better viewing of imagens for horizontal or vertical presentation.

This is related to the topic discussed here:

Can we have separate images for desktop and mobile background?

Improve loading configuration when a question image is set as a full screen background.

Today, if you have a question image that is set as background, the app will first load the background of the theme and then the question background.

Sometimes it passes a few seconds before the background is replaced by the question background image and it may be a bit confusing to the respondent when the text implies a context that is not yet shown on the screen.

Maybe if the screen is shown only when all elements are loaded, instead of showing the theme configurations before the question configuration (as it happens today) this could create a better experience to the respondent.

 I’d like some data analysis in the tool.

  • Simple cross tabs with significance testing as a bare minimum
  • Recoding variables
  • Creating themes for open ends (no word clouds please)
  • Creating top box and bottom box (merging variables or scales)
  • Mean for NPS, not just the NPS calculation


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1. I hope the progress bar can be changed, add different styles, such as 1 2 3 4 5, or 10%.....
2. If you want to add a timing function, you can set the time to complete, and also add a button to submit if it is not completed.
3. Sometimes when taking the test, there are many questions, and there is a function that temporarily saves it first, and sometimes moves it to the network question, and then reopens it, you have to go to the points one by one, and it should be a prompt whether to return to the previous one.

FEATURE REQUEST: Allow multiple selections on the dropdown question.

EXAMPLE: "Which States Have You Lived In?"

They should be able to select multiple from the drop down. 

Note: The drop down question makes sense in situations where there are dozens or hundreds of options.

It would be really useful to have a slide/tile template that is an Opinion Scale + Short Comment box underneath for additional feedback. Only being able to add an extra slide for comment after each slide can double he length of the survey which doesn’t help with user completion rates.

Multiple image/file upload - which has been said 100 times.

Address field (why on earth can we not collect address?) - again this has been said 100 times.


I’m not sure if anything is actually being actioned at TypeForm.

Having the option to add more than one question per survey page

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just a note for folks looking to find out about validating phone numbers: I have done a little digging into two products that will help with the phone validation … one is by using the PlusThis Contact Validator tool (does email and phone numbers with a number of ESP platforms) and Byteplant Phone Validator (connect Typeform - Zapier or Make - Byteplant Phone Validator) … both seem to work fine for some client pilots. 

the Byteplant tool seems to work better overall and covers 200+ countries.. 

consider this step part of your ‘process ecosystem’ to capture the input and validate the entries … 



It would be useful to be able to see create and logic at the same time. When building extremely complex forms, it sucks having to toggle back and forth between the two. 

Being able to purge the Insights data of a Form. So after i create a new form, and test it like 10-20 times.. i can purge my entries/ form starts so the count begins from 0 when i send it Live… can’t believe its not a thing already.

Being able to add a “short text” input from the user and also a predefined box like: “i dont know”. So there is a text input question where users can add an asked value, or being able to press an “i dont know” button if they dont have the required info i ask. 

I would like the ability to add a color picker wheel in a typeform.  We gather information from our customers regarding design and allowing them to pick an exact color would be very beneficial.

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More variable types:
- a Boolean variable, which could be use directly in Logic
- a Date variable, which could be use in conditions. For example, when loading the form, we could pass to it what was the date 60 days ago, and then use this variable to make comparison like in this use case:

Ability to add formatting to custom variables that are numbers! I.e. 1299396 becomes 1,299,396

It would be great if you could duplicate endings so you don’t have to completely rewrite and reselect every option every time.

It would be great if you could upload a different image for desktop and mobile.


Hello TypeForm Team !


One year later than the feature of this post has not been take in account yet. 


Is there any chance that the API allow to manipulate reports like the admin page ? Our survey number is increasing very quickly and one member of our staff must manually create the report every day for 30 minutes.


It seems like a quick and neat feature, but for our side it will be a real relief.


Have a nice day,


The ability to have more than one question on a page

The ability to add multiple buttons with links on end screens (currently you can only add one).

It’d be very useful to be able to present users who’ve completed a form with multiple options for what to do next - say “Donate”, “Volunteer” or “Learn more” etc. with each button linking off to where they can take that action.

Functionality that allows admins to define the text and image shared by the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn share buttons and that for to be different on each end screen.


  1. User answers various questions to find out “Which Hogwarts House are you?” (or whatever)
  2. Depending on the answers the user gives, they land on one of four end screens -“Gryffindor”, “Hufflepuff”, “Slytherin” or “Ravenclaw”
  3. When clicking the Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn share buttons on the “Hufflepuff” end screen, the image and text shared reflect that outcome i.e. a picture of the Hufflepuff crest is shared as the og image and “I’m Hufflepuff” as the shared headline. Similarly, the other four end screen’s share buttons share different og images and headlines - but all link back to the Typeform itself.

An alternative to developing that functionality in-house might be to develop an integration with - which allows the creation of multiple share links, with different images/text, but which all link to the same page.

Alternatively, allowing end screens to have multiple button links (see my previous suggestion) would allow admins to create the functionality above through manually creating the links and assigning them to different buttons on different end cards (though that obviously gets a bit laborious beyond a certain number of end cards)

I think it would be helpful to have a list type of reply, meaning that the respondent has a list of X number of items to fill in when we ask a list question. For example list the 5 most interesting things about Typeform and there are 5 fillable spaces which gives clarity on how to respond, also eases the reporting of the results.


The ability to have more than one question on a page, primarily for collecting user details, eg name, email, telephone.

Survey burnout is HUGE when you have obvious clusters missing. NAME (first/last) and ADDRESS (street, city, state/province, country, zip) should absolutely be clustered on same page!! This is #1 hesitancy and objection from my clients who don’t like Typeform.

YES, I am looking to switch to a different service because of this.