What features would you like Typeform to have in the future?

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I would like to be able to enter my reply at the top of this page and not have to scroll down all the way ;)


Features that are definitely missing: 

  • make images work on mobile and not crop them randomly! This is a major problem. Pls fix this very urgently // make it possible to use different images on mobile/desktop
  • make it possible to choose whether you want the image to appear before or after the text on mobile
  • make it possible for the text to use more space if you only have a small image
  • images in general should be easier to fit in the form (it looks easy at first but then you have to do all the tedious work before uploading the image)
  • pick individual social media icons


Both currency and formatted number entry (e.g. 1,000,000 vs. the current 1000000) are really important.  The current Number field is useful up to entering 3 digits. Then, user error starts to increase quite a bit.


I’m stunned that Typeform doesn’t have this already. Feels like there are open source form libraries that provide this automatically. Why hasn’t typeform?

The ability to identify if two entered values or text are the same. This can help with so much including email validation, phone validation, user name validation, and so much more.

The ability to group questions (first name, last name, email) on the same page. I get the greatness of one question at a time, but your payment question type does this, so why not allow it for demographics or other information that is commonly chunked? 

A “look-up” function to validate text entries or to control predictive text. If I have preregistered users, I don’t want to have a dropdown of all users, I would like them to enter a user name then it gets validated through predictive text or look-up logic.

Make the date widget more usable in mobile version. Now you have to go back by months to your birthday for example :scream: .

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Upload multiple files. Please!

Upload multiple files

Add timer to a question or typeform. EG: 60 seconds to answer the quiz.

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Hi all,

Definitely transforming the “file upload” type to a “files upload” type will be a great feature !

Allowing responders to add more than one file in the “file upload type” will be a real game changer for those who like me integrate Typeform to Airtable databases.

Ability to add additional properties to each question. For example, question # 1 is related to Productivity and question # 2 is related to Well-Being, and so on. This lets me set the properties from the Typeform platform instead of managing these values elsewhere. Adding these properties, in this case categories, lets me calculate different metrics according to the survey.

Expanding on this idea, it would be great to write custom scripts for a survey to calculate more complex metrics. See Airtable automations for an example of running a custom script. This would let me compute the values I need in Typeform without having to handle this externally.

Hi, I’d love to see a Rich Text Field option in Typeform. Currently I use the Long Text answer, but it doesn’t allow for any formatting or links, which means I need to re-format all answers before posting.

Would love to be able to edit the Airtable integration without having to delete and set it up from scratch in order to make any changes.

Currently, any edits needed (such as incorporating new questions) require a full deletion of the integration and setting it up again from scratch.

Predictive Address Input so that the field suggests addresses (and soft-validates user input) when they are asked for their address details. 

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We have a main intake form and the Welcome screen has a logo and an important message on it. For partnering opportunities, it would be very helpful to be able to set the Welcome screen by passed in hidden variable + value, so that I don’t have to duplicate the form for each partner.

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Being able to Update already responded typeforms would be great.

The ability to have all question on a page 

The ability to customize the mail to the respondents with own colours, font style, images etc.

For quote calculator-style forms; the ability to either:

  • use price variables without needing the Stripe question/integration
  • to have the option to display a calculated variable to two decimal places for displaying prices. eg. £50.50 rather than £50.5 

Displaying Currencies and also adding decimal separators like 100,000,000 - in Europe it´s 100.000.000 as I have Customers who want to track high Prices which tend to have mistakes.

It would also be Nice to have the Countries for Telephone Numbers preselected, for EG a Local Company from Germany is not Interested in Customers from too far awya.

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Not sure if this is in here…

Would love a color picker question type. Simple color picker where the output is the hex value. The color picker also has the option of typing in the hex incase the users knows a specific color.


I currently have a short answer question requesting a hex value. I have to link to an external website to allow the user to find a hex value incase they don’t have one.


Would love the ability to calculate time between two dates (based on a date answer)! 

Use case:

  • Using Typeform + Webhooks API for user account creation (and saving data to database)
  • We ask user for their birthdate
  • Don’t want to continue the account creation process (send them to ending screen) if they are under 13 years of age
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I would like the ability to further customize design points in TypeForm, that is get more granular and be able to add custom images or popups all over a question page. Not literally all over, but where we’d like to put our branding. 


I would also like to see a more customizable Progress Bar.

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I've passed your feedback to the product team, @prad and @ActionJackson! Thank you for contributing. 😉

copy button

javascript/hrml editor

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Hi @Efisan! How are you doing today? Can you give us more details about these features you've mentioned so I can pass this feedback to our product team? Thanks! 

Hi @Gabi Amaral, just like in this reply text box having text styles and or the ability to add html functions will be a great help for those who use Typeform. For example the code snippet, bullet list and color .Also adding JavaScript functionalities or pre-built functions, such as “copy text”, or give devs the ability to freely write JS into Typeform. 

Hi !

For us is really important to upload several files / images in one step / question of a Typeform.