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🧑‍🏫 October videoask of the month!

  • 5 October 2022
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🧑‍🏫 October videoask of the month!
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Hey Community! 👋


We’re back with another awesome videoask to share with you all!


This month, we’ve been chatting to Jan Keck, Virtual Facilitator Trainer, and learning all about how he’s using VideoAsk to create fun and interactive sign up forms!


Check out the videoask

(Don’t worry, it’s set to preview mode so answers won’t be submitted 🤓)



👀 If you’re familiar with VideoAsk, you’ll notice Jan has selected the fit video option for the video layout - this works perfectly for the way he’s embedding his videoask - read on to find out where you can see it in all it’s glory!


What’s the use case?


Jan is using VideoAsk as an interactive sign up for his workshops and courses. Using the power of video he is able to talk through the roadblocks that many of his clients face and demonstrate how he can help solve them. Once they’re hooked they can choose to sign up for a course.


Where can you find it?


Jan has embedded this videoask as an iframe in the course web page:



From here you can click on the videoask to activate and start watching. 


You’ll also notice he’s using VideoAsk to chat and provide support for potential clients by having a widget embedded on his website:



You can click here to expand the modal and ask any questions you might have as you’re exploring the website.


This videoask was built using the following features


  • Multiple choice answer type
  • Conditional logic
  • Redirect to URL
  • Video upload
  • Branding


Jan has used his video editing skills to create some inspiring steps within this videoask, choosing to upload a video to create each step. 


He then pairs this with multiple choice options allowing viewers to pick and choose what they want to learn about next. Logic helps to define which route they take and creates a go back option which allows the viewer to go back to previous steps.


Finally, people can redirect to the pricing page if they choose to sign up.


Jan has also used a clever trick with his branding for this videoask. You’ll notice on each video he’s added an image to create a button that says Enroll Now! If you click the button you’ll be redirected to the pricing page to sign up for a course.


You can do this when you add a new brand in Settings, by adding a logo image and then the URL of the webpage you’d like your respondents to be redirected to:



Jan has created a fairly complex videoask using conditional logic. To do this he first mapped out what he wanted to achieve within the videoask - check out his workflow to get an idea of how you can plan your videoask before you start building:



🎉 Congrats to Jan Keck for creating such an inspiring videoask, and thank you for letting us share it here in the Community!


⭐ Jan will be running his next cohort from 6th to 8th December, if you’re interested in signing up, head over to his website to learn more (and watch that awesome videoask again 😉)


❓ As always, if you have any questions about the features used in this videoask, let us know in the comments below.


We’re always on the hunt for inspiring videoasks - if you would like to be featured as a videoask of the month both here in the Community and in the VideoAsk Product Digest Newsletter, send me a DM or tell us about your use case here 🙏

6 replies

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@Grace - wow!

nuff said

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Right!! @john.desborough a fine example! 

Thank you, @john.desborough 🙏

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@mrjankeck great to have you in the Community! Thank you for sharing your videoask with us, looking forward to seeing what you cook up next 😁

This is impressive. The video quality too, but mostly the creativity. Wow

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@mrjankeck Brilliant use of custom branding to create the “enroll now” button! 👏